Types of graphic designing

A logo tells a lot about the company and brand. Not just that, it reveals the aim and objective and sometimes message to the audience magically. However, there are some logos that tend to be colorful and more artsy than others. It is because of the way it is designed and asked by the clients. 

But what are the factors which convey a message? Well, it is about the shapes a designer uses in the logo. Are you interested in knowing about the shapes that are incorporated within a logo? If your answer is yes, then this is probably the best article you will come across. 

Different Types of Shapes in Graphic Design

Mainly there are triangles and circles, arrows and spirals. But other than that, there are some types that are equally liked and vital in a logo design. Such as organic shape designs, abstract shape designs, and geometric shape graphic designs. The question which might come to your mind is, are these all the shapes in graphic designing? Well, the answer is no. There are other types too which include simple abstract shapes. 

Furthermore, exploring these shapes and integrating them into your designs can be facilitated by utilizing a variety of design tools, such as logo maker app, to enhance creativity and efficiency.

Let’s cover some out of the ones which we have mentioned above. 


Circles have the strongest connotations for which it is the most important shape in graphic designing. However, to make sure that you have gotten and understood this shape, it is a must to know that humans like and feel connected to lines. When you keep that point in mind, there is something about a circle you would never like to neglect – a circle is a continuous line that never ends. It shows completeness and wholesomeness.

When a graphic designer uses a circle in a logo, it gives a variety of innovative ideas. For example, when a frame has circles in the borders or shapes that come in the same family (like ellipses and ovals) it represents security and harmony. 

Besides that, a circle is a must friendlier shape as compared to other shapes. It is because a circle is more inviting and doesn’t let the viewer go astray. Circles always make the viewer go deeper into the meaning. That’s the reason why graphic designers tend to use circles in log designing. 

Rectangles and Squares  

The second most important shape in designing a logo is squares and rectangles, which are representatives of trust, stability, and faith. Logos for companies and organizations that offer expert services balance this shape quite well. The reason being, both these shapes are efficient and calculative.

One drawback that undermines these shapes is based on they are not fun to work around. Not that they are very bland, it is just that these shapes are a tad boring for some people. Despite that, there are the lines that represent a defined direction as we, the viewers don’t get distracted easily. In the corporate world, these are the most desired and favorite shapes. Especially in the finance and insurance world, rectangles and squares have massive significance. 
What do these shapes mean? When these shapes are in perfect 90° (ninety degrees) they represent stability. However, when they are slightly diagonal they make hybrid shapes. That is how boring rectangles are made interesting by a seasoned graphic designer. 

To get the best design, one can ask the designer to customize the highlighted text or message in a rectangular shape. A designer can also opt for adjusting the angles and then completing the logo, just the way it is expected from the client. 

Arrows and Triangles 

Arrows have different meanings according to the directions. For example, pointing towards the sky is about up, then there are down, left, and right. Likewise, triangles, when are towards the sky, represent up, towards the leg is down, towards the east is right and, on the west, we have left. 
The meaning of the arrows and triangles are mentioned below;

  • When a triangle or arrow is upward it symbolizes trust and leadership, stability, success, and growth. It is the opposite of upward arrows for the downward triangles and arrows. They represent tension and risk. 
  • Contrary to the previous type, if there are triangles and show two different directions (right and left) then it will denote progression. The right will mean moving forward. Whereas, the left direction will show progression but backward. The best example for right and left directions can be taken from the play button in videos. 


 Spirals are the extreme form of following lines. They reflect the maximum effect that you see in a circle. More like it draws itself in which kind of hypnotizes if the viewer sees it without any pause. However, when it comes to graphic designing, it has a different impact. They are intimidating and must be used wisely. If and when a designer uses it with some easygoing images, then it creates a beautiful effect. Knowing that spirals draws one attention and are extremely magnetic, they have the ability to complete the image that is used parallel. Furthermore, when this shape is used alone without any supporting image, then it gives a very intense visual. 

Sharp Edges 

Did you know sharpness on edges plays a significant role in designing a logo? The angles have their own language which tells a lot about the image. As we know that lines are what eyes get attracted to; curves and edges provide more movement to the eye. That further interprets spirited and bouncy visuals. However, if edges or curves are overused, they become disruptive and juddering. 

One thing that designers know about the wider and flatter angles is that these positions are mostly calmer. However, keeping a balance by maintaining harmony between calmer and augmented images is a must. To make sure that the logo should have a calm effect and look, then it is best to opt for rounded corners. 

Parallel, Horizontal and Vertical Lines 

There are three types of lines – parallel, horizontal, and vertical. 
Parallel lines give more or less the same effect as a simple and straightforward shape. They deliver exactly how they are used. 

Horizontal lines represent balance and stability. Whereas vertical lines are true representative of aggression and strength. Similar to a triangle with an upward direction indicate leadership, vertical lines show supremacy and control. Contrary to that, horizontal lines are calm but can be boring if not used in an innovative way. 

Abstract Shape Designs 

Graphic designing doesn’t put barriers and limitations. It is a far-fetched skill and a designer can explore and create more than the basic shapes, lines, or edges and cuts. A designer can always try abstract ideas to create a message for the company (in a logo). Polygons with many sides, circular blobs, and a combination of anything can make a logo unique. Creating new ideas will broaden the sphere of creativity. 

Therefore, a designer can create an abstract image by adding two or more images. For example, one can use half of the square and put the bottom of a semi-circle. That will represent two or more meanings. Sometimes in the perusal of creating a unique and out of the box design for the logo, designers add more than two components or shapes. They add three or four shapes to make it more intricate and abstract. However, one main factor they have in mind is – what message to convey in the logo. 

Besides using more than one shape, designers also use only one shape in such a way that it is repeated many times. For example, when circles are made repeatedly, they often end up being mandalas. Likewise, several curves make a cloud. These curves are more playful than a single curve. Another practice of a seasoned graphic designer is to use secondary figures and outlines to make primary shapes. 

All you (as in graphic designers) need is to get expertise in understanding the meaning of primary (basic) shapes. Then only designers may achieve whatever they aim for.  

Organic Shape Designs 

When a viewer looks at the logo, it gives an instant message. If the viewer doesn’t get a straight message it is regarded as an average logo; with nothing too special. However, there are different types and styles of designing a logo. Among so many, there are organic shape designs too. These designs are mostly round, soft, and round. It is because they are less intimidating than those which are sharp in nature. Organic designs are harmless and more inviting. 

Conclusion – Different Types of Shapes in Graphic Designing 

All in all, there are many types and styles of graphic design. We mentioned the basic ones along with the abstract and organic shapes in designing a logo. Hope you have gotten this article helpful in understanding the psyche and personality of different shapes. Do let us know if this article helped you in our comment section below. We would love to hear from you.