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The privacy policy as to how Digital Aimz uses information driven from the clients or visitors is what we have to share in this document. Please read our privacy policy carefully because when someone uses the Digital Aimz site, they are legally bound to follow these policies.

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1. Collection of Information

1.1. We do not save any information from any users that we serve as a company.

1.2. We make sure that we never have to take any information from your side without any clear need for it. You can be sure about data security if, in any condition, you offer us any information about your email, phone numbers, addresses or other information.

1.3. We, sometimes, may take your information but we make sure that we never save any information we do not need.

1.4. Your data will never be used without permission. So, they can be sure about our compliance to the highest standards for data security.

2. Security

2.1. You can rely on us when it comes to data security. So, you do not have to worry about data issues as we take care of it at all times.

3. Access to Information, Deletion, and Correction Options

3.1. We give the right to the user or customer to access, correct, delete, or modify information provided in the user’s profile.

3.2. You can close or delete the account with us at any time.

3.3. Also, you can contact our support team to remove any part of the misinformed data.

3.4. In cases where you are not the part of the profile or it is not directly accessed to you, we can help in removing it too.

3.5. At the time of deleting a profile all the information will get removed. However, it will take some time to remove the profile from our server.

3.6. After submitting a review about our services, you will not have the right to get it removed or edited. You will be allowed to submit another review (that will be published under the first one) in which you can revise stars and ratings.

3.7. Users will not be able to change, edit, or access reviews that are given by other users.

3.8. We never use any information that you offer us for our own purposes. So, you can be sure that you are not spammed for your information.

3.9. You can be sure that we do not save any information when you offer it unless there is a clear need for your own benefits and needs.

3.10. Personal data in the form of information remains with us in the backup archives. It remains there till the account owner (person who created it) removes or deletes the account.

4. Third-Party Rights

4.1. Rights and privacy policy are for Digital Aimz and not enforced upon third-parties.

5. Modification of Existing Policies

5.1. Privacy policy shared here is changed periodically. It is because our business models and practices change frequently.

5.2. Change in the privacy policy will be notified through an email in your account. We will also let you know the parts we have changed or modified with the date from which it will be effective.

5.3. In case you disagree with a portion or complete set of the privacy policy, you are encouraged to stop taking our service. On the contrary, if you decide to abide by our privacy policies, then you must beware of agreeing to each and every detail policy; this applies to both previous and modified versions of privacy policies.

6. Privacy for Children

6.1. Anyone under 13 years of age is not allowed to use our services or products.

6.2. If someone is found using the information of users under 13 years of age, we will terminate the account and will not give access to our services and products.

6.3. We are very strict about impersonating someone else, the policy of using the information of 13 years of age is even stricter.