Terms of use

The following terms permit your use of the Digital Aimz website. It is requested to read the Terms carefully prior to use of this website. To avail the benefits of our website and services you need to agree to all the terms and conditions.
You are suggested to avoid using the website if you do not comply with our terms and conditions or privacy policy.


  • To avail of electronic/ non-electronic services from Digital Aimz you must comply with the following terms:
    You acknowledge and admit that in case of glitches, electronic services are subjected to disturbance, whereas due to complications non-electronic facilities are subjected to disruption.
  • The services delivered might not be completely error-free/steady, glitches might appear in the utilization of service; however, we always intend to deliver our services in the best shape.

Website content

All the website content available or accessible on Digital Aimz website is under the ownership and copyright of Digital Aimz. The following actions can lead to serious consequences:

  • Any kind of addition or rearrangement on the website, to any extent, major or minor, without written arrangement with Digital Aimz is forbidden by the law and may cause civil penalty and criminal sentences.
  • All kinds of website content, graphical images, publication content, information, policies, programming data, recordings, music, pictures, fonts, logos, trademarks and other data/ information, and even the website design, arrangements, and changes of such exclusive material, that clients access or read on site is owned by Digital Aimz and is only utilized with written consent from Digital Aimz.
  • The website information is copyrighted by Digital Aimz in all forms, technology as well as graphics and media that is currently uploaded or ought to be uploaded in the future should not be duplicated, downloaded, or used by any client without permission.
  • In no occasion or event will Digital Aimz be at accountable for any unique, indirect, or direct harms for loss of utilization, material, or benefits, irrespective of being in an activity of agreement, inaccuracy, or different tortious act, evolving out of or concerning the use of data accessible from the Site.

Additional and service variation cost:

Under the period of agreement, if changes and variations occur, or any kind of progression is required that was not a part of agreement earlier then this will lead to an addition in cost.

The client must comply with:

  1. If any variation is required at any point Digital Aimz has a complete authority needed to halt the process, re-calculate and audit the agreed service costing. However, Digital Aimz tends to inform you about the changes and discuss the additional costing and details and where required will provide a cost change notice which incorporates the new deviations to the specifications and any related expenses. Digital Aimz will not continue with work until your confirmation is received.Variation instances can be:
    • The requirement of extra supplies not expected during the initial cycle of costing for instance presentation of video symbolism, branding deliverable, advertising text, and advertisement plan.
    • Costs for commercial writing/font styles, cinematography, sound, and audio-visual.
    • Extra service that requires management’s time and efforts.
    • Unplanned postponement in acquiring client consent.
  2. Where required, Digital Aimz will attempt to acquire approval from you before starting the extra work. In urgent situations because of deadlines and other factors, if this might be difficult then Digital Aimz may continue with the changes without acquiring agreement.
  3. Extra/Additional Costs will be billed separately to the customer charged at present discussed hourly rates. Instances of addition in costs include:
    • Rearrangement of content in a suitable format.
    • For workshops requiring extra efforts/hours.
    • Shifts in ideas and plans according to circumstances.
    • Relocating and styling of concepts according to client requirements.
    • Extra meetings and traveling cost for a project.

Installment or payment terms:

During the span of services, the client will pay the remittance on the agreed terms and dates indicated previously. Monthly remittance will be paid 30 days prior to every payment date.

Consequences of late payment:

In order to keep working smoothly, the clients are requested to pay according to the payment terms. If under any circumstance, payment is not received on time, then Digital Aimz has all the authorities to halt work until the payment is received completely.

If any changes are made to the initially decided terms such as additional cost of services then the payment will be done in accordance with the new terms and dates.

Disclosure of information

Both the parties will refrain from disclosure of any information during or after the period of the agreement. Neither of the parties under any circumstance will reveal any confidential data of the other party which is provided during the term of this Agreement.

Content provided by the client

The client will be accountable for the procurement of all obligatory authorizations, consents, licenses, or approvals for use of provided content. The client must warrant/agree that he has full lawful authority to make use of the provided content and has got the compulsory permission, approvals, and warrants that the provided data does not violate any third-party authority or copyright or intellectual-property-rights.

Retrieval of Archived Data/Documents 

Digital Aimz will keep all your valuable data or all electronic documents provided saved during the creation of your Service. But, provides no guarantee that any file/ document that you provided during your service can be recovered later on.

After dispatching and payment of your service and documenting the records and information, this duplicates of this data becomes the property/ responsibility of the client. However, If Digital Aimz possesses the data, then it can be provided at an additional cost.


Digital Aimz, under any circumstances, does not provide a warranty for the number of sales, a specific quantity of increase in visitors, or the increase in traffic. However, we try to make your website live as possible, and you ranking as better as it can be. Digital Aimz denies and rejects all expression and implementation or guarantees or any of this sort.


In case you have any inquires or issues with the website or its content or have remarks to give then please contact us through the contact details provided on the website and Digital Aimz team will get back to you.

Please note that, at any point of time, if required, our team may modify these terms and conditions. On the off-chance that any section of these terms if observed unlawful, canceled, or invalid, at that point that particular section will be considered separable from these Terms and will not change or influence the legitimacy and enforceability of other agreements points.