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Web Development and Designing Services

This is a digital era and unlike the old days, people like to opt for online presence. In online presence, you need to have a website that represents your services or products. At Digital Aimz we tend to facilitate clients with the services that can actually help in expanding businesses. For that, we design and develop sites that are user-friendly, SEO competitive, and responsive.

So, if you want a bespoke application on the site and are not sure what to do, don’t fret. We are here to help you out. We have all that our clients need from us – expert professionals, understanding of different websites, and the execution plans. With that, Digital Aimz also provides sites that are user friendly as well as SEO friendly.

Besides the best designing services, we also provide services in almost all the packages that the client buys. All these services somehow help the site to attract more traffic and business. The package however contains the content (if the client likes to opt for it). By updating content regularly, there are higher chances of getting traffic that eventually leads to more sales and revenue. Our team also works on eCommerce sites that can give more reach to products and services. On the other hand, responsive websites are our forte that can work on any device and gadget.

Above that, we also provide off-line marketing skills that are required to make a website functional. It includes graphic designing services, SEO services, and SMM services. For more information don’t hesitate in letting us know. We will create a package that will compete with the site without hiring different companies. Hire us, hire now!

The Procedure of Website Designing and Development at Digital Aimz

Digital Aimz is all about result oriented services that start from laying out the perfect strategy and planning. To ensure quality and result, we follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Understanding and Analysis of the Project
Step 2: Laying Out the Strategic Plan
Step 3: Designing the Website
Step 4: Development of the Website
Step 5: Ensuring Responsiveness of the Site
Step 6: Launching an Online Presence
Step 7: Beta-Test and Assessments

All these steps are taken carefully under the experience of the experts in the team.

What Services are Included in Website Designing and Development?

Services of website designing and development at Digital Aimz are not restricted to one type. There are many types of services we render. All of them are mentioned below in detail.

  • Custom Web Design
  • WordPress Web Design
  • CMS Web Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • eCommerce Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Bespoke Web Design and Development

Let’s discuss the advantages and other aspects of these services…

Custom Website Design

Digital Aimz provides custom web designs to fulfill the needs of the clients. In custom designs, we pick themes according to the requirements, preferences, and likes of the client. Then we design it in a way that is fully customized as well as unique. We render custom design websites where we use our themes and templates. That gives the best feel to the sites as uniqueness overflows from every angle.

WordPress Web Design

We have created thousands of WP web designs. These are not just user-friendly but are as intuitive and powerful. WordPress sites are mostly custom-built or custom designed. We also have the option of creating a premium WP site with the help of premium themes available for WordPress. To get the best results on the website, we offer our clients the experts of WP who are working in this industry for more than a decade. These professionals in the team know inside out of WP and can even create a new plugin to suit the needs.

CMS Web Design

Digital Aimz can incorporate CMS (content management system) into any kind of website. Means, we make our clients independent where they don’t need anyone on a daily basis. Instead, they can post content on their own without hiring a professional on a monthly basis. We know it is important to update content periodically and without that, the client’s site may remain dull or boring. It is because visitors need change and they need to see complete information. If you want your site to be properly equipped with SEO and updated content, you should opt for this service. For more information, message us now.

Responsive Web Design

Everyone wants to get a website that has the potential to generate more traffic and opportunities to increase sales. So, the need of getting a responsive website is a must. This is where the clients get a theme that is adjusted according to the size of the device. For example, if you open a site in your computer, laptop, phone, or a tab, the site will fit the size and dimension. Digital Aimz ensures a responsive web design that is user friendly as well as gadget friendly.

eCommerce Web Design

We facilitate clients as well as companies and others who are looking into the prospects of selling services or products through eCommerce websites. With us, they can find solutions to the most complicated eCommerce problems. Our eCommerce websites are not just cost effective but also a complete package. The one which offers sales cycle, purchases, ordering procedure, deliveries, and the feedback from the customers after the delivery is done. Sites also track orders, check the accounts, and integrate the solutions within the site.

Bespoke Web Designing

Digital Aimz believes in designing and developing corporate level bespoke sites for clients from both the UK and outside the UK. We are working in this dimension for over decades and each project is approached differently on the level of the client’s needs. At Digital Aimz we facilitate clients with complete in-house services that take care of everything from the starting to the end. Our bespoke sites are designed and developed by the experts of the team who have rendered decades in learning and executing the processes.

Why Opt Digital Aimz for Website Development and Designing?

When clients look for developing a site they mostly have two options: to get it made by a professional or to do it all by themselves. Spending thousands of bucks in the website development and designing is not a bad deal if it gives you what you want. But, opting for the best sites in economical rates is what everyone looks for. While contemplating the decision, clients take a couple of keynotes into consideration. Those include;

  • Experience and expertise of the web developer
  • Time allocation to the project
  • Project’s complexity
  • An amount that the client is ready to invest

In case you own a startup and want to create a simple site, we would recommend you find the simple website building platforms. However, in such sites, you won’t have complicated coding. What if you are more passionate about the site knowing that there will be more traffic, we would suggest you invest in the site and hire us, professional web developers and designers. This is mainly because we make sure of the following aspects.

  • Consumption of time
  • Investment of money
  • Pleasant custom design

But what if you are not looking for something beginner level? What if you want something exceptional, unique, and attractive? What if you want more benefits in a package? The answer is simple: Hire us, Digital Aimz.

Some of the main advantages of hiring us as your web developer and designer.

Reason 1: Saves Time

To create a new site from the scratch it takes time. However, when an expert starts a project he doesn’t take the same time as a beginner. He ensures to look into details and deliver the best product. We at Digital Aimz ensure to hire professionals who know everything in detail so that they can deliver work on time. So, if a client looks out for the best services in regard to website designing and development, then Digital Aimz is the only solution.

Reason 2: Attractive Custom Designed Website

To build a website, one has to check the authenticity of designing. It is one of the basic elements of a site and can’t be ignored at any level. Digital Aimz facilitates clients with the best design that looks organized, attractive, and user-friendly. We always search for the best design that is either custom made or is developed after knowing the needs of a client. Also, the design created by us is always in accordance with the unique look.

Reason 3: Increases Credibility

If you are a company or a startup and want to get more business, then you have to hire us for your website. It is because we make such websites that give a sudden boost to your business. Mainly we work on areas that are a must to have on a website. Our websites compete with other businesses because of their layout, structure, and other properties. Digital Aimz develops and designs websites that help in increasing the credibility and authenticity of the businesses. These sites are such which keep users on the site for longer than expected time.

Reason 4: Integrates Latest Technology in the Site

Web developers and designers work constantly on learning current technology. It means, whatever type of website you want us to develop for you, it will long last and will not depreciate with time. Also, it means that the site you will have in the end from us will have the most recent features. With us, clients can experience enriched goodness.

Reason 5: Search Engine Friendly

Another reason for hiring us, Digital Aimz is that our sites are developed in a way that it is easy to do search engine optimization. Also, we integrate means of ranking the site. For that, we always add plugins which are the most important ones. This helps the client to get a compatible site with SEO techniques.

Reason 6: Customer Services – 24/7

Hiring us will always give the client the best website look. Such as, hosting and the domain is well integrated. If there is any issue or concern about the domain and hosting or an overall website, we are there to help our clients. Unlike other companies, we give human assistance. Means, the help which we give is not bot-generated. Furthermore, hiring us will benefit the clients.

Reason 7: Market and Industry Competitive

While developing and designing a site, our developers on board make sure to learn about the competition in the market or industry. This helps the client in getting better functionality that actually helps in competing against those who are in direct competition. In short, designs of the site are such which strikes the sites in competition.