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What is PPC Service?

Pay per Click (PPC) service is a marketing process. In PPC Advertising, the company sets up the advertising plan for the clients to generate the best possible ROI (Return on Investment) or get leads/sales by displaying the advertiser’s channel ads on the accounts of PPC company’s approved publishers at various channels like Google ads or Facebook ads.

An advertiser pays a specific amount of money to the PPC company, for which the company starts the agreeable campaign with publishers. Then, a publisher steps in to display the advertiser’s ads on the behalf of the PPC agency.

When a person on the channel/account of the PPC company’s approved publisher clicks on the ads, the advertiser has to pay a specific amount of money to the PPC company, which then shares the revenue with its publishers.

However, when considering the advertising initial steps or things to care for, a PPC company is responsible for withholding the due attention to some factors. These factors are targeted audience and specific keywords on which the advertiser’s website is displayed in SERP.

The channel where an advertiser can get the required positive ROI is the necessary part of PPC responsibilities. A PPC company also has to look forward to lesser competition to know how far the advertising campaign can succeed in a specific niche or on a defined keyword. Financial Planning for advertising can be set up by the client or the PPC Company can showcase its set advertising packages to the clients.

In the campaign, PPC Company holds the responsibility of showcasing the ads on high-quality channels like Google Ads, Bing Ads, or other types of advertisement channels. An advertiser can set up his/her budget according to the marketing plan, audience size, and the type of business of an advertiser.

Why Choose Digital Aimz for Google PPC Services?

Digital Aimz is one of the esteemed PPC companies which render the best PPC services. Although there are several PPC companies in this digital era yet your demands want a trusted PPC agency for the good results in return. The best ROI is the thing that every client wants from a remarkable agency and that is what Digital Aimz promises to deliver.

Reason 1: Increased ROI

You may be shocked to notice that hundreds of companies are there which can run the PPC campaigns for the clients but still these companies get lesser positive ROI for clients. Owing to the low ROI, entrepreneurs or business owners have been in the search of the best PPC companies. As there is the need for the highest positive ROI in the case of every client, Digital Aimz aims for the highest possible ROI for the clients.

Reason 2: Successful Results through Best Strategies

In the previous some years, Digital Aimz has successfully delivered its PPC services getting successful results for the clients. Moreover, Digital Aimz makes effective strategies for clients to get huge sales/leads in return to the PPC advertising campaigns. Every PPC campaign has fruitfully returned a lot to the clients, and many of the clients have now become brands in their relevant industries.

Reason 3: Trustable Agency

Our clients had given security amount to our agency as we had satisfied their demands. Some of the people demand insatiable ROI, which we have tried to achieve in recent years for our clients with experimenting with the latest advertising trends and ubiquitous applications of tricks and techniques of PPC advertising on various channels.

Reason 4: Cater Targeted Audience

For successful advertising and the best ROI, we recommend our clients to choose any particular channel like Facebooks ads or Bing Ads so the targeted audience can be reached for selling products/services. Our PPC experts research for each client to know better about the best channel and audience for the client’s website/product/industry. In this way, we get the desired results that we guarantee you.

Reason 5: Consultation Before Execution of Plan

The best quality of Digital Aimz may still be unrevealed for some of the people who are in the search of best PPC companies. We give necessary information to the clients about the campaign structure and budgeting plans. It is very clear that some clients don’t even know how much to invest in PPC advertising to get the required ROI.

Reason 6: Digital Aimz Gives Qualitative Approach

Digital Aimz possesses a qualitative approach before starting the campaign. We set a few goals for our clients. We find out the high-volume keywords to optimize the client’s website. The way we run advertising campaigns is appealing for those who have a bit of knowledge of the successful PPC campaigning.

Hire Digital Aimz Services NOW!

Have you ever heard that dreams come true when the required effort is put into an activity? More than 90% of the clients are satisfied with our agency as we made them earn thousands of bucks in our PPC campaigns. Everything requires an expert for a particular chore of the day, do you want PPC agency for the highest ROI and results? Digital Aimz waits for cooperative clients. We are here to make newbies; the brands of tomorrow. So, if you are one of those who want to be a brand in near future or want the best ROI and other perks; don’t hesitate and contact us now.

Google Ads PPC Management Services

We deliver the following services to our clients. These are acclaimed to be the best ones in the region and have created due hype in course of one year.
• PPC Remarketing & Retargeting
• PPC Audits
• Social Advertising
• Display Advertising
• Video Advertising
• Paid Search Advertising
• Google Shopping
• Landing Page Performance Review
• PPC Ad Tracking and Analytics
• Google Ads Scripts

PPC Remarketing & Retargeting

With the PPC remarketing and retargeting, you have an opportunity to connect with people who scrolled through your website pages and didn’t make any sale or buy your services. These visitors are retargeted to your website in PPC remarketing or retargeting. PPC remarketing & retargeting make it more plausible for your audience to understand your products or services and then they can easily purchase your products or services they’re looking for.
Digital Aimz has numerous PPC remarketing experts who can bring fruit to your efforts of branding and selling your products/services to the potential audience.

PPC Audit

PPC campaigns are meant to generate the highest possible sales for the clients who trust PPC advertising a lot. There has to be the highest ROI in PPC campaigning. If you are already running campaigns, you may be getting good sales/leads. In the case of somehow lower sales/leads from PPC campaigns, you need to get a PPC audit to make sure you’re getting the highest ROI. If there are issues with the campaign, we will audit it to check. Our experts will analyze each scenario of the campaign and will find out the areas of improvement. Our experts will improve the positive stats of PPC advertising for your brand. Digital Aimz focuses on sales and leads to achieving the best ROI which is the main purpose of PPC advertising.

Social Advertising

We recommend our clients to get our social advertising services to make sure you’re engaged with your potential audience. Without proper engagement with clients on social media platforms, you are losing a big chunk of your business income. Owing to the lower sales, or to increase the scope of your brand, you need to have paid social advertising.
We will run the fruitful campaigns for your websites. We will help your audience believe your productive services and trusted products and can create high engagement on your social media posts.

Display Advertising

We give paid display advertising services to increase the scope of your brand and make you get sales from the potential audience. We run the display ads on the relevant blogs and websites to build trust among clients. Communication and relation-building between a brand and a client is the way to generating the highest leads.
We will place the ads according to the suggestions, demographics, and the type of the client’s website. Display advertising is also a great way to connect with marginal clients who often come on the website & don’t buy products/services.

Video Advertising

Video is the best content in 2020 to promote which is liked by everyone. Video advertising is a powerful way to increase the traffic to your website, which then can help to generate a lot of sales from your website within no time. Video advertising can boost your SEO in Google and other search engines as well.
Digital Aimz places your video ads on YouTube and other marketing video channels. Our experts are adept at getting several views of the video, making viewers convert into potential buyers.

Paid Search Advertising

Search engines are effective advertising channels where you can get prospective visitors to your website. Organic traffic to the website is never possible without placing the paid search ads in the listings of the search engines as we require initial traffic to the website for branding.
We will research the targeted keywords and put your website in the listings, running paid search campaigns for you. Digital Aimz’ experts will optimize the campaign for the possible highest ROI.

Google Shopping

When buying a product or planning to buy one, a person always wants to search on Google Product Search to compare the specifications and features of a product comparing the prices as well. Digital Aimz’s PPC experts will place your ads on Google Shopping which can promote your brand awareness within a few days.
Branding is the way to get enormous sales as people start trusting the products. Google shopping ads are congenial to every eCommerce or business website. Let Digital Aimz place your ads now.

Landing Page Performance Review

A landing page is an inception or funnel from the ads watching to get sales from the viewers. Hence, your landing page is necessarily meant to be of the gargantuan performance which can attract people into clicking on links & buying your products or services.
Our team will find out the flaws in the landing page optimization and will update the required collateral needs on the landing page. We will review and present the landing page as a decoy to drive traffic to your website. Digital Aimz experts are available to accommodate your needs in advertising.

PPC Ad Tracking and Analytics

Digital Aimz is not only responsible for PPC campaigns but also we do provide the PPC stats and analytics services. It gives us the review thing like how many viewed advertisements and many of them had been converted into buyers.
It makes our clients see the best ROI results and they start trusting us a lot. More than 80% of our clients are returning buyers. Our PPC ad tracking and analytics can prove our PPC campaigns to be result-productive.

Google Ads Scripts

Google Ads Script is the way to have the automation of your campaigns to manage things properly. Using Google Ads Scripts will make it easier for us to manage our customization process of the whole campaign. We may make mistakes while setting up ads for campaigns but the Ads scripts will highlight things we may have missed while setting the Google ads. You can resolve issues with campaigns using Google scripts in your Google ad account.

Other Search Engine Ads: Bing Ads

While thinking about promoting a website, Digital Aimz thinks of Bing ads to be very fruitful. In PPC campaigns, Bing ads are potentially important for sales generation. We place our clients’ ads on Bing Search Engine. The results we got in previous projects, Bing ads are harmonious to the branding of the website. If your products are quality, the content we optimize ads with converts people who see ads into the buyers in just a few seconds of watching ads on Bing. Our Bing ads service is loved by our returning clients.

Frequently Asked Questions – PPC Services from Digital Aimz

Questions that are asked on a frequent basis are answered here in this section. Let’s check them out so that you have all the answers before buying the services. But yes, if there are queries that you need to be answered and are not added to this list, you can contact us. We will be there to solve your concerns, issues, and problems.

What is the best PPC service like?

The best of any service is when you are given almost every feature in your budget, right? We at Digital Aimz facilitate clients with the best services where we take care of the quality of service, customer support, excellent package, and excellence with qualitative work. It means, you will get the best strategy and plan to work on; with more ROI, and reach of the level where your site will be visited organically.

How can we increase the PPC rate?

PPC services are about getting paid to get more visits to your website. Since organically it takes months of hard work to reach the milestone. But when you take out some amount for advertising and buying organic or random visitors to reach more visits to the website, it gives an edge and you start getting more PPC rates.

How many months does it take for PPC to work?

It takes three to nine months to get the best results. However, with PPC services you don’t need constant management. With us, Digital Aimz, you can get instant results but the best ones with the highest results are achieved between three and nine months.

Why PPC services are important?

High visibility on Google and other search engines, get more leads from those who are not organic visitors and is the most effective online marketing strategies are some of the reasons why PPC services are so famous.

What are some of the main advantages of PPC services?

Advertisements have many benefits out of which we have mentioned seven. First of all, it sets the budgets. Means, you can set the highest or the maximum budget for an advertisement. Secondly, with PP services you can pay at the time of getting clicked. You don’t need to pay in advance. Also, competition is still on when you don’t have high rankings on a search engine. With that, we have other perks too which include easy accessibility and assessing different advertisements. Brand recognition and awareness are also earned and you can start a PPC campaign.

Where the advertisement for PPC appear?

Search engines have PPC and its format appears on the result pages. To attract an audience to an advertisement, certain words and behaviors are added in the front as well as the center. However, to make it look like an advertisement, brand, service, or product is placed in such a way that it gets a click.

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