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Leveraging Digital Aimz’ experimented Search Engine Optimization strategies have been proved promising in boosting the SERP rankings.

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SEO services are always required to incorporate sales. Better ranking gives prospects of a successful business. That is possible only when you get most traffic and optimization requires SEO services. Digital Aimz has been providing services in this regard and there are many clients whom we render our services.

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What We Promise

Search engines are always evolving and SEOs need to be equipped with latest knowledge base and strategies. Here our SEOs keep themselves updated and implement the techniques keeping search engine user’s intent in mind

Features we provide

Our SEO teams divides the full fledged SEO strategies to reach the goals as fast as possible while Keeping in view the importance of every SEO aspect.

Link Building

We use the unique tactics to grow your backlink profile with high authority linking domain.

Analytics Report

Analytics reports with consise data analysis and growth with time intervals will be reported to the customer.

Keyword Research

Premium keyword tools are utilized to dig out the keywords with the most ranking potential considering the keywords difficulty level.

Strategy Building

From keywords research to content creation, all of the process follows strategically planned path.

Speed Optimization

Search engines want webpages to be accessible within minimal time, so Digital Aimz gives due importance to it.

Traffic Analysis

Periodic traffic and reach analysis is done to measure the results obtained by our SEO work. And use the data to enhance the visibility.

Everything your brand needs to grow

We take care of local as well as international technical, onpage and off page optimization strategies for your sites.

Raise Your brand through our complete SEO Solutions for all platforms

We do things differently

On Page

Every aspect in the on page SEO gets its due time and resources allocation before stepping towards inbound marketing.

We do things differently

Off Page

Our expert off-page SEOs uses their expertise and PR to get your site a handsome count of mentions in the relevant industry.

Amazon SEO

Conversion rates on amazon can be improved by Amazon SEO practices. And we are ready to help!

E-Commerce SEO

SEO is crucial for eCommerce stores to combat the intense market competition.

Local SEO

Focusing on local SEO aspects can save your effort and set the path for your site to flourish in right audience.

Technical SEO

Without addressing the technical SEO, you should not think of beating your competitors.

Content Optimization & Strategy

Content strategy is devised by thorough market and user intent research to help in creation of the unique content that carries attraction.

Guest Posting

From content strategy to content publishing and distribution, we are all set to go. Our PR expertise helps in effective content utilization.

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Here, you will find three sections. The first one is all about how we, Digital Aimz works as the best option for you to hire. The second section talks about payment, contracts, and working on SEO projects. The last section however is all about how SEO works in general.

Why Hire Digital Aimz for SEO?

Digital Aimz is proven as the best digital marketing company in the UK. It has taken years of experience to come in the category of the best acclaimed digital companies in the UK and has rendered a great deal of work in this regard. Following are some reasons as to which you should be hiring our services without any second thought.

ROI is Higher than Expected

Return on Investment (ROI) is expected after hiring an SEO company. By hiring a digital marketing company, you get entitled to expect high returns on the investments done. We are the ones who take care of your hard-earned money and spend every dollar of your investment strategically and wisely. In return, we give more visitors to your website, excellent conversion rates (turns lead into potential clients), and work on the brand or business most subtly and effectively.

Generates More Traffic

It is a simple notion that more traffic means more possibility of getting clients or customers. With that being said, you cannot expect profit or sales if your business website is not visited. Therefore, the need of hiring Digital Aimz to optimize sites comes in action. What we do in this regard is mentioned below. First of all, our professionals and experts are there to build a website that is SEO friendly and contains all meters to enhance optimization. However, there are a lot of other aspects which need attention to bring in more traffic. So, we put in our efforts in doing proper keyword research and its analysis to beat the competition with the competitors. Also, we aid in adding strategies and techniques that increase the web site’s presence on a search engine. Once planning is completed we assess pages side by side so that we are sure about the positive results.

Cost-Effective Services

People mostly spend a lot of time and money to rank their websites. That’s okay if you are hiring a company to take care of the website. If you are doing it alone, all by yourself, it may not work the way you wanted it to be done. In the end, these people get frustrated because of not getting the required results. It is also noticed that these people find it very stressful to do experimentation. For all those who belong to this category need to understand that it is always better to hire a company that is responsible for optimizing the site. Digital Aimz helps in optimizing sites within the budget and a realistic deadline. By doing so, reputation and visibility increase that eventually brings in better ROI.

Increases Sales

Businesses of all sizes hire SEO experts. It helps them improve customer acquisition and conversion. If you opt for a direction where you do not hire an SEO company, you will be calling all types of risks to accumulate. That will include hidden errors in the SEO plan. On the other hand, when you hire Digital Aimz there won’t be an issue. However, before hiring us, you should discuss everything that relates to planning, strategies, and milestones. What will happen if you hire Digital Aimz for optimizing your official sites? We will supercharge your website ranking on Google, magnify website traffic, and escalate sales leads within a few weeks.

Working Process

Digital Aimz renders seamless and most accommodating SEO services that promises ranking. We offer two types of working processes – paid and contractual SEO services on monthly basis.

So, the question arises …

How Does SEO Process?

SEO is all about getting the most traffic on sites with high-quality content, theme, and other elements (that makes a perfect site for Google). Technically, sites should meet “quality rating standards” that help in categorizing best and so not good websites. Remembering that if the site is not as per the expectation of Google, it penalizes and also removes it from the list of sites. Digital Aimz helps you in going through the process of SEO by checking parameters that are must to have on the sites.

How Much Digital Aimz Charges for SEO Projects?

Each project comes with a unique set of requirements and demands. That is the reason why we charge differently for each SEO project. Areas that determine the cost of SEO include the framework, deployment of the project, and other campaigns that need to be implemented. Deadlines and other aspects are also the aspects we look into before giving a costing.

Paid and Contractual SEO Services

Generally speaking, there are two ways through which we charge our clients – weekly or monthly payments. Both have to be based on a contractual agreement between the client and us, Digital Aimz.

We aim to design packages in such a way that our clients feel it easy to be used. Firstly, we clean the site from all the bugs and little unseen monsters. Then, in the second stage, we optimize it, and then, finally, we create the best quality marketing program. Naturally, content plays an important, in fact, the most vital role, in the process of search engine optimization. That cannot be ignored under any circumstance.

Monthly SEO Services

At the time of hiring our SEO services, you either pay us on a monthly basis. Since there are many clients who want to check our working dynamics and then want to hire us for a month or so, one day demo is given without any charges. That gives an edge to the clients to decide after using our services.

Once our clients are sure about the purchase, they can opt for either weekly or monthly payments. Upon telling us your preference, we send an invoice to your mailing address. To make everything super smooth, we have two ways of receiving payment – PayPal or bank transfers. At times, we also accept payment from credit card, master card, or debit card.

What do We Offer in One Day Test Run?

We are sure you would like to know what is provided in the one-day trial period before buying our SEO services. Enlisted below is a list of all those services which come in the one-day testing:

  • Checking to rank and creating reports with the help of third-party SEO tools.
  • Assessing and running sites on those tools to see the potential and period of optimization.

How SEO Works in General?

Every SEO agency and SEO consultant create a comprehensive SEO strategy for a new website through versatile planning, including several steps that must be executed with precision and accuracy. Otherwise, your website can be a total failure.
For an ideal SEO strategy, you must start by defining your target audience and their keen interests. That gives you a foundation for your content strategy as well. Next, keyword research is performed, along with targeted keyword discovery. Spying on competitors and analysis of their content provides you with all opportunities and gaps that you can exploit in order to entail value in your website content.
Consequently, after research and data collection, you become able to have a content plan, along with all keywords that you need to optimize on your website.
An SEO strategy document covers all keywords: short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords. By optimizing these keywords into your web content, you have a solid roadmap that grows your website in the virtual world. Before creating content for your website, you must have an SEO strategy document ready in place. So, you can build and rank your website in search engines.

Content optimization

Content optimization is a key process that converts a webpage into a more attractive, useful, and actionable piece of content. An SEO expert always performs a content audit before content optimization. It starts with the first 20 pages of your website and analysis of competitor’s content that is ranking in the search results.
For content optimization, firstly, titles are converted into accurate descriptions. Secondly, LSI and secondary keywords are placed in the content. Thirdly, Readability is enhanced through intelligent editing, along with the inception of useful hooks. Fourthly, the use of content is increased, along with more depth.

Fifthly, a TL; DR version of content is placed on pages. Sixthly, if there is data on pages, then its snippets are added for Google answers. Seventhly, visual and rich media is added to the content where possible. Eighthly, outbound links are created in the content that leads towards authority websites. Ninthly, internal links are placed for user-friendly navigation. Tenthly, accessibility of the content is increased by changing the site map and structure.
The last thing is to increase the dwell time by embedding calls to actions and conversion tactics. That also reduces the bounce rate.

Internal Links Optimization & Website Architecture

Internal links and website architecture hold grave importance for SEO marketing and Google SEO. Therefore, your website must be designed both for the best user experience and search engine experience. For achieving that, there are a few principles that you need to employ.

Firstly, your website must not make the user think about anything while navigating through pages. If the website structure confuses the user, then you must simplify it. Secondly, every page can be accessed through minimum clicks. Thirdly, the navigation format must be consistent. Fourthly, your website must follow industry standards of authority websites in your niche. Fifthly, every page must have a unique URL.

For internal links optimization, you must adhere to three principles. Firstly, internal links must be placed with complete relevancy. Secondly, you must not use internal links through keyword stuffing. Thirdly, your internal links must adhere to your robust site map.
Internal link optimization also requires links in submission-required forms, internal search boxes, JavaScript, Flash, plugins, frames, and pages with 100s of links.

Solving Technical Errors on a Website

A key part of the website business is website optimization that requires to solve every technical error. However, there are more than 20 common errors that can occur.
The most common error that makes a website utterly unprofessional is a spelling error. For that, you need to proofread website copy or hire an editor.

Broken links are another frequently occurring error that makes navigation spoiled for the user. You can use a free or premium tool to fix all broken links on your website.
Outdated copyright is also a technical error that is common on the internet. It degrades the credibility of the website. That’s why you must update copyrights of your content every year.
Website content requires visual aid for engagement. However, due to any reason, your images can be broken. To fix that, you need to use a better content management system.
Non-friendly URLs hinders the user experience. So, you must inspect all URLs of your website and convert them into simplistic ones. It will help your visitors.
Canonicalization is also a big hurdle for your users. It happens when the user comes to your website from different paths. So, you must check all pathways of your website and keep them running.

If your website has thousands of pages, then you may face the duplicate content problem. It will degrade the rank of your website in search results. So, you must remove all duplicate pages from your website. There are tools available for this job.

JavaScript errors will degrade the user experience of all visitors. It’s because it will shut down your dropdown menus, Flash videos, and dynamic application. You can solve this error by adding JavaScript plugins and tools to your content management system.

The slow loading of pages increases the bounce rate. That’s why you need to fix it rapidly. For that, you can use tools to find out actual loading speed and these tools can also fix it.
Non-form validation forbids users from registration and data delivery. To fix this error, you need to update your content management system with a form validation plugin.

Browser specific errors are also frequently happening errors. So, you must check your website on different browsers, such as Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, and more. If your website is producing errors on any particular browser, then you must inspect the error and resolve it with the help of the required tool.

Local SEO

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your business website for local search results. When you optimize your website for local search results, then your name, address, phone number, and the website appear in all search results performed by people in your area. For that, you also need to claim your business in search engines. Google has Google my business and Bing has Bing places.
To perform optimum Local SEO, you need a few things, such as area name optimized in your website pages and citations in search engine results. Moreover, you also need to optimize keywords that are related to your business in that area. For example, if you are a graphic designing company, then you need to put “graphic designing companies near me” or similar keywords in your website content.
Local SEO enables you to be present in front of your customers in search engine results. Generally, your business also appears on the Google maps and all business lists of the search engine. That’s why it also brings you customers that can reach you physically as well as virtually.

Competitors and their Research

SEO optimization is pretty much based on competitor analysis. It’s because your website has to beat them in search engine ranks in order to succeed. That’s why every SEO expert starts with researching competitors.

In order to perform complete research on your competitors, you need to know their keywords, content quality, value addition, user reviews, social media outreach and following, products and services, and their shortcomings. All this research can be done by visiting their website, taking notes, finding gaps, and knowing opportunities.
When your research is completed, then you can devise a comprehensive SEO strategy and content strategy that can beat the competition and grab majority traffic. If you do not know about your competition, then choose a keyword that you want to rank.
After that, search it in the search engine. All results on the first page will be your competitors. It will provide you with a way to beat them if you research deep enough.

Schema optimization

Schema markup is required for websites because it tells the search engine about what your data means. Your website can have all types of content, such as articles, products, lists, reviews, service descriptions, tables, charts, and many more. Schema markup takes data from them and provides it to the search engine. So, it can display it in search results for the convenience of the user.
Schema optimization is an advanced-level practice in SEO that requires the use of code and database. There are ten types of schema markups: organization schema markup, person market schema markup, local business schema markup, product & offer schema markup, breadcrumbs schema markup, article schema markup, video schema markup, event schema markup, recipe schema markup, and rating schema markup.
Schema.org and Google structure data markup helper are two tools that can create schema markups for your content. Schema optimization is necessary if you have products and services on your website.

Off Page and Link Building

SEO marketing requires both on-page efforts and off-page activities. In fact, off-page SEO creates more credibility for a website in search engine algorithms. Off-page SEO requires link building outside of your website that enables you to get more ranking, more exposure, and better page rank.
There are many off-page factors that determine your page ranks, such as the number of linked domains, the number of linked pages, page rank of linked pages, link relevancy, the authority of the linked domain, number of links related to homepages, the ratio of do-follow links to no-follow links, diversity of links, contextual links, and link anchor.
Off-page SEO optimization requires manual work, and it also involves comments posting with links, social media posts with links, guest posts with links, directory registration of content, and many more things.
If you do not perform off-page SEO, then you cannot compete in a highly saturated virtual market. In fact, link building provides you with virtual assets that help you gain authority, credibility, ranking, and visibility. As a result, you get traffic and conversion.

Keyword Research and its Importance in SEO

Keyword research is the backbone of every SEO strategy. All success depends upon discovering keywords and optimizing them into the content, along with off-page SEO tactics.
In fact, keywords are actual terms typed by real people in the search engine box. That’s why if you have a website optimized with keywords that have high search volume, then you will never run out of traffic. Ultimately, it drives conversion to your cause.
Keyword research starts with research tools. Every SEO expert keeps notes of high-volume keywords, along with all its versions. Then, the SEO strategy is devised accordingly.
There are plenty of ways to find keywords, such as research tools, competitor’s analysis, seasonal keywords, and regional keywords.
The compilation of all keyword research into an excel sheet provides all the answers to your content strategist. After that, it is easy to create content around keywords and rank them in search engines. If you do not know the right keywords, then your SEO strategy can fail all the time. That’s why an accurate analysis of keywords determines your success in the online world.

Page Title and Meta Description in SEO

The page title and meta description are two singular parts of the HTML code of your webpage that are required for SEO optimization. These come useful for search engines and users.
A page title or meta title tag is a singular line description of your page that represents the content on the page. When you search a query, then search engines show the title at the top of the search result. The rule of thumb to create a title tag is to keep it concise and short. 70 characters are the conventional limit for a page title. If you use more than that, then the search engine will not display your full text. Moreover, it’s better to use keywords in your page title. Due to this, the search engine will crawl your page better and index your page better.
The meta description is a short description that is shown under the title in search results. It must be unique, concise, and explanatory. Using unique keywords in the meta description is mandatory. Otherwise, you will not get ranking or visitors will be confused.
The best length for the meta description is between 21 words to 30 words. If characters exceed then the specific part doesn’t appear in search. For best SEO practices, you must use your primary keyword in the page title and meta description.

Optimization Tweaks

Some rules of thumb need to be mentioned for getting the right optimization of the content and web pages. Firstly, content should be fairly readable and must not contain hard to read and ultra-complex language. Secondly, the main keyword must be placed in the tile in a catchy form that must capture the attention of the reader. Thirdly, the first paragraph of the content must include the main keyword. Fourthly, one subheading must also include the main keyword. All relevant keywords need to be placed naturally. There must not be any keyword stuffing.
Last but not least, some subheads must include secondary keywords. Seventhly, LSI keywords must be placed in the middle or bottom of the content. Eighthly, the image ALT name must include the main keyword. Ninthly, meta description must include the main keyword. Finally, if the content includes visual media, then its name must include the main keyword.