Attract Potential clients through email marketing

Email Marketing is a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and customers.

The Effective practices of email marketing

The practices of email marketing keep on updating with time, so you need to know about all of them to assure that your audience are receiving well your campaigns. If you’re looking forward to the best ways to engage your subscribers, below are the best practices listed for you, which will boost deliver-ability as well.

Send better emails grow your business

Send targeted email campaigns and convert new traffic into devoted customers.

Increase ROI

Email marketing is one of the best practice to reach the targeted audience that ultimately increases ROI.

Boost up sales

Our email marketing experts help in reaching the relevant or targeted audience that converts the best.

Goals for marketing

Our expert email marketers devise the goals to measure the ROI which also helps in optimization of the email marketing campaign.

Increase traffice

Email marketing gets you news users for your site that can be targeted every time you come up with something great.

Targeted campaigns

Our experts starts your email campaigns with highly optimized and researched data with leads to reach the intended users.

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Email Marketing Agency – Digital Aimz

Email Marketing is the main source of promoting value and attracting thousands of potential clients is an accumulation of different crucial marketing tools. Generally, it is effective in branding and maintaining trust among clients.

What makes email marketing one of the most workable solutions to marketing?

Since its revival is taking a toll in the industry and not many know the reason why, we have thought of filling you with the updates on why email marketing consultancy is not important, but very crucial step.

Low Investment with High Return

Email marketing is no wonder, by all means, one of the strongest tools of marketing. First thing first, it is because of the ratio between investment and results. This means you will get effective results in the cheapest rates throughout the UK.

Instant Results with Appropriate Email Marketing Strategies

Without proper and insightful email marketing strategy, email campaigns are not worthy! Now, email marketing has a deeper impact and can’t be based on sending information to the wrong audience. Data should ensure reaching out to the appropriate audience and must have solid content to lure clients towards the buying prospects. This is exactly where Digital Aimz can assist clients. Let it be researching, defining strategy, or designing email templates, we are here to assist you in email marketing plans.

Brand and Company Awareness through Subscriptions

We, however, are against supplying email marketing information or data. We send emails as reminders, brand awareness, and updates or news to those individuals who are already interested in buying from your brand or company. Means, if you are in the lookout of ideas and ways of increasing subscriptions in legit ways, we would love to help you in reaching the business milestone.

Why Email Marketing Should be Part of Your Digital Strategy?

If you are of the point that email marketing is getting obsolete and doesn’t create hype or interest in the audience, then you are definitely wrong! Mainly because it is still used in the digital world and for all the right reasons.

Considering what email marketing services do to your business? Fret not because we have covered some of the main aspects.
First of all, there are approximately 9 billion individuals who make use of email applications. Out of that, almost 90% of them check their mailbox on a daily basis.

According to survey and research, 86% of those individuals love to receive promotional emails (mostly have some discounts or awareness of the brand/company). One-third of 86% of people actually purchase services or products from emails. Above all, it is recorded that with every dollar, you have the potential of getting 44 dollars in return.

Again, based on research and study, it is observed that there are customers who check emails daily, without missing any day. These people look for mails from the companies and brands they partner with, are interested in buying their services/products, or/and have a business of any other nature. However, they only want to read meaningful, direct to the point, and concise content. Digital Aimz is a digital marketing company that aids all the basic and professional needs of clients. That’s where our team members with writing templates and emails come in the picture.

Specific Reasons for Starting Email Marketing

The following services play an important role in driving potential leads and responses. Focusing on only these surely do magic and you start generating valued clicks on the website through our unique email templates and content.

Unique Strategies for Email Marketing

First thing first, laying out the entire plan and then putting it on a proper direct give us a roadmap. That gives the answers of all how, why, but, what if, etc. Once the roadmap is designed, the next we work on is “audience”. Determination of best audience in respect to what the company/brand needs is carried out by selecting gender, age group, and geographical location. Content curation is the third step, which means it is the phase in which the message is put forward to the targeted audience. Eventually, the process of sending emails to the selected audience shall be done to generate leads.

Email Newsletter and Subscriptions

At Digital Aimz client will receive our email marketing plans and, in those strategies, we will take care of email newsletters as well as modes of subscription. Newsletters will have the sole interest of the subscriber and bring more novelty towards hiring us as an email marketer for the company. The following are some core areas that will be handled through email marketing services.

  • Email deliverability will be maximized
  • Open and click-through rates will be focused
  • Conversions through leads will be boosted

Also note that the content for your emails will have blogs within the relevant topic and industry, upcoming events and celebrations, case studies of handlings orders, etc.

Call to Actions from Website

Lead magnets shall always remain augmented. Our digital marketer at Digital Aimz will integrate “Call to Action” on various areas of the official website. This will help in promoting business and can be taken as lead magnets. Are you thinking about how it will help? The right placement of call to actions will convert visitors (on the website) to those who would want to subscribe to the email updates. Enlisted below are some ways of a call to actions that we implement on websites.

  • Pop-up forms on the website
  • Forms on the sidebar
  • Floating headers

Lead Magnets

The email list comes in handy while following email marketing strategies. Means, longer the list, better the prospect of making business. In this phase, we develop an email list for the client which includes offers, lead magnets, etc. However, when we add in the lead magnet, they are mostly in the form of free of cost guides, eBooks, and checklists. Our aim while providing email marketing services is to develop lead magnets that bring in more business. Therefore, we always work on strategies that matter to the client.

Software Integration for Email Marketing

Upon requirement, clients will surely be allowed to use a preferred email marketing software. Our potential team will assist in the right selection of email marketing software so that you can send emails and receive leads. However, we give a complete range of options and also allow clients to pick their favorite software. Digital Aimz will gladly sync in your ideas and gladly integrate your software (if it meets our expectations to carry out the entire plan).

Advertising and Commercials in Email Marketing Campaigns

Advertising lead magnets is one of the easiest and fastest ways to expand businesses. That’s the reason why email marketing company, Digital Aimz makes use of the trick! However, to avail these services clients are bound to buy our social media marketing services and other services to carry out this process. Nevertheless, our digital marketers and email marketers will ensure to advertise leads on social media and/or search engines to get a better number of subscribers. Also, advertisements will be directed towards a landing page that will allow the audience to opt for our email list.

Email Marketing services at digital aimz

Digital Aimz, we believe in quality over quantity. Means, with quality, comes better results and eventually it leads fulfilled and satisfied clients.

Why Choose Digital Aimz as Email Marketing Solutions in the UK?

Digital Aimz is an email marketing company that beliefs in quality over quantity. Means, with quality, comes better results and eventually it leads to fulfilled and satisfied clients.

Certainly, there are reasons to opt for Digital Aimz for email marketing. The reasons which do justice to our services are enlisted below.

1. Designing Creative Email Templates

Email marketing seems bogus and dry without creative email templates. That’s the reason why our professionals at Digital Aimz aims to provide templates according to the type of content a client wants to circulate for user engagement. Also, templates are made by the expert and experienced designers who go into details to find out the best suitable look. Furthermore, Digital Aimz being the best email marketing company focuses on data that was used in the previous email campaigns. Also, previous email marketing templates and data are used in designing new innovative ones.

2. Managing and Tracking Email Marketing Campaigns

Tracking as well as managing deliveries, monitoring conversion rates through visits of website links or leads is taken into care by the officials and professionals of Digital Aimz. Besides that, we render email marketing solutions by tracking the means through which our clients can generate more sales and revenue from almost each email blast.

3. Creating Tailor-Made Content

Email marketing is not functional without content. It is the content that makes an email sound astounding and helpful in crossing the message from the client to prospected leads. Therefore, Digital Aimz makes exceptional content that stands out on its own and targets the audience towards what is written and shared. To attract more audiences and bring in traffic, we run contests and also offer giveaways. Conversions eventually remain the main agenda. For that, we ensure to facilitate our clients with emails that have the potential to engage more audience.

4. Building Email List

Building a list of email addresses and then to utilize them in the most legit way is our mission and expertise. To get the list longer with each passing day, we opt for different channels. Those include social media strategies, subscriptions and free giveaway with each sign-up, etc.

5. Innovative Email Marketing Strategies

Digital Aimz never follows any trending tactic without testing them separately. Means, our clients, and their projects are not our experimenting tools. Our diligent digital marketers work on approaches that ascertain us to win back situations. Furthermore, customers and their retention and marketing automation methodologies are closely observed.

6. Evaluating and Assessment of Email Marketing Campaigns

With the completion or towards the finalizing phase, Digital Aimz follows all the procedures to certify the needful. To approve the results and augment with the needs, our team members do split testing with subject lines in the emails. Besides, we also do split testing to check dates and times on emails sent. Many similar testings are carried out in this phase.

7. Responsiveness of Email Templates

Responsive email templates are more durable and multipurpose. Means, templates that work on desktops. Mobile phones and tablets are more actionable than those which are only limited to websites. Therefore, Digital Aimz look in this concern and deliver more responsive templates.

8. Deliverability of Emails

Last but not least, we make sure all emails are sent in the primary folder and aren’t spammed to the subscribers. That way, it increases deliverability and actions are taken easily without any issue.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Email Marketing

Email marketing solutions are such that rely on several aspects. At Digital Aimz you will be required to understand that it is a digital marketing firm in the UK and has been doing business in the same industry for more than a decade. Since there are many queries listed in our emails and support chat, we want our new clients (and the old ones too) to check the answers mentioned below. If you have any other question which is not addressed, feel free to ask our 24/7 representative, email, or chat support.

What happens when a client buys email marketing services from Digital Aimz?

Key indicators that start effecting sales and generating business tremendously depend on new subscribers, conversions, open-rates, and click through rates. We ensure to keep a check and balance on the analytics to measure these metrics. That way, professionals at Digital Aimz aim to boost conversion rates.

How many emails should be sent throughout the month?

It is recommended to send mails weekly. However, it is imperial to understand that each business model has unique and well-defined requirements. One thing which you should know is that the main reason and purpose of email blasts is to get more engagement and click on to the website where products or services are sold. Furthermore, email marketing is all about bringing awareness. Therefore, the more email blasts you will send, there will be a better possibility of getting traction and business. Note that small businesses need to send daily emails, whereas other companies and brands are required to send fortnightly, weekly, or monthly emails.

Who needs a “drip campaign” and how would you know if it is worthwhile for your business or not?

In the world of email marketing, we have different terms and terminologies. One of them is “Drip Campaign”. It is an automated email campaign that is sent in a sequence to the potential clients. You can say that it is an already planned and written email which is sent to the businessman’s email contacts. Hence, the main aim is to draw attention to your contact list to get aware of your product or services. How do we help in creating drip campaigns at Digital Aimz? Well, our dedicated experts promote businesses by sending sequential emails. Also, if you want to bring awareness to your client, then this works out as the best strategy.

Is it necessary to sign a contract before making the purchase?

To experience positive results through email marketing solutions, Digital Aimz suggests clients sign a contract of at least three (3) months. After that, you may and may not continue with the contract. Instead, you can opt for a month-long email marketing service. To make the process smooth and without any discrepancy, we allow clients to cancel the contract within 30 days (from the day of purchase) through email or support help.

Does Digital Aimz charge for setting up email marketing systems?

Operations and systems of email marketing are charged for the first time of purchase. It is charged towards the end when the professionals end the campaign and at the start of beginning with the campaign. However, when it comes to setting up the email marketing systems, it includes the following operations.

  • Analytic systems
  • Administrative systems
  • Search engine systems
  • Email accounts setup

For how long do clients have to start with email marketing services?

You can get us started on your email marketing on your own and then hire Digital Aimz, the best email marketing company in the UK. Or if you are confused about how to begin email marketing then, contact us and we will help you design campaigns and strategies. Once the professionals of our team will design the plan, approval will be taken from the client. As soon as we get the approval, email marketing shall start.

Who will work on the client’s account?

Once the order is finalized and payment is carried out, we will delegate an expert who would have vast experience in email marketing. The person will be able to handle, comprehend, plan, and execute strategies in your area of specialization or industry. However, that dedicated person will inform and take a heads up from the Director of digital marketing at Digital Aimz.

Will Digital Aimz provide content for emails?

Yes, the content will be generated and curated by our professional content writers. This means you will not need to provide content. However, it is not that you are stopped to share email content. We can work either way. Our content marketing specialist will be there to create unique emails that fit your branding and business promotion. For that, we take help from sources like stock photos, news resources, and designing software.