E-Commerce Development

Digital Aimz, one of the best E-Commerce services providing companies in the UK claims for the perfection in delivering your projects. The trust, passion, and dedication of our professional team members enables us to deliver what we promise. If you are looking to know more about the service, read on. Here, we have discussed and explained almost everything that revolves around E-Commerce in three different sections, each pertaining to do justice to the title.
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Our E-Commerce serivces


We at Digital Aimz make complete use of the Shopify platform and provide the best quality services.


Digital Aimz also uses the Magento platform while developing and designing an eCommerce site to facilitate its clients.


Digital Aimz converts any static website into a completely reliable, advanced, and responsive website with its WooCommerce services.


Digital Aimz provides users with Bigcommerce website development. With this service, you can take your business presence to the next level.

Digital Aimz E-Commerce Services

Digital Aimz is the best eCommerce website and web development company. We are working in the same industry for more than a decade. Helping our clients is the biggest agenda of Digital Aimz. Let’s see what exactly do we do to help our clients.

We facilitate our clients with the following services;

  • Ecommerce SEO marketing
  • Search marketing
  • Custom eCommerce website development and design
  • Excellent conversion rates
  • Customized functionality

At Digital Aimz, we tend to provide E-Commerce solutions with the help of our professional team. In this department, we render the following services. 

eCommerce Website Wireframe Creation & Discovery

First of all, we chalk out the plan as planning gives a proper structure in mind. It helps in understanding requirements, tweaks, and other important elements of an eCommerce website. We naturally think about the wireframe and treat it as a blueprint. We work on both, front and back end to complete the needs of functionalities.  

Custom Website Design

We delve into the process of branding and customization of the website. Digital Aimz has a professional team that only provides what looks best. Yes, this is in regard to customization as well as the response of the client. 

Checkout & Credit Card Processing

Our professional and expert team members take the client’s needs very carefully. We render high-quality services in which the customization is according to the needs. Means, let it be a customized checkout procedure or a basic checkout method, we only look at what seems best to the client. Also, we integrate the site with standard payment gateways as well as those which are the client’s preference. 

Custom eCommerce Functionality

The client’s requirements are taken seriously and are looked at all the possibilities to make it happen. Yes, we are the best resource as our team is hired in-house. 

ERP / Amazon / eBay / Marketplace Integrations

Integrating the client’s website on his preferred ERP is our responsibility. This means the client can integrate the site with any third-party service or use any other ERP system. Integrations however are done so that all important data is synced and the user gets the best experience.

Email Marketing

Digital Aimz also looks into the possibilities of providing maximum converting rates. For that, we use email marketing so that the client can experience the highest conversion rates. To make it functional we add different channels of conversions. Besides the email marketing or email campaign, we also make sure of designing and developing effective strategies. 

Product & Data Imports

Data imports and product history must be readily available. We at Digital Aimz provide the best methods to pull such data within a click. That way, the client will be able to save time and energy.  

SEO Friendly Development

Our expert in-house team that caters SEO department helps in making us, Digital Aimz, the best eCommerce website development company. SEO experts and marketing professionals are involved in the very first consultancy with the client. That way, we ensure a smooth launch and excellent ranking for your eCommerce website. 

Other Ecommerce Facilities

We have a lot more to offer in eCommerce services. Our clients get the following services that actually help them boost business. 

A Complete Powerhouse Ecommerce Suite

Opting for the best tools to give ultimate advanced SEO promotions and creating landing pages falls in our expertise. Besides that, we make sure to implement a powerhouse eCommerce suit so that the client can drive maximum revenue from our eCommerce based sites. 

Scale Up by Using Managed Content

With proper CMS (content management system) we provide user-friendly edits. Our edits don’t need HTML knowledge or technical skills. They are easily incorporated in pages, products, blog posts, articles, categories, banners. 

Robust Capabilities and Features

Digital Aimz covers all the areas of an eCommerce website. For example, we provide the functionality to attributes, product options, and filters. The client can trust us in fulfilling requests.

Fast Navigation – From Homepage to Checking Out!

Exhibiting your products or services on your eCommerce website is essential. That’s why we aim to provide the best solutions to navigation. Means, with us clients can get smooth responsive sites on tablets, desktops, and even smartphones. The client gets control over the site and is able to optimize usability as well as conversion on all types of gadgets. 

E-Commerce Website Design and Web Development

When it comes to designing and developing an eCommerce site, it is important to understand which platforms do we cover. Here, below are the platforms which we use to customize a website according to our client’s need and requirement. 


Most of our clients come up with a requirement of getting an eCommerce site on Shopify. Since this is the most acclaimed and popular eCommerce platform, it provides a huge range of templates and themes. We at Digital Aimz make complete use of it and ensure to provide the best quality site. This platform also tends to facilitate clients with extremely intensive functionality, allows physical and online products, and has an array of payment gateways. However, the following are some examples of what we do while designing and developing an eCommerce site with Shopify. 

  • Adding parallax scrolling
  • Creating custom navigation and headers
  • Adding backgrounds on videos
  • Customizing font installation
  • Providing layout designs for mobiles
  • Animation
  • Creating a blog and layouts for gallery

These are just a few examples to give an idea of how we work on Shopify. If there is something extra or particular, we are always ready to facilitate. Don’t hesitate in contacting us now to learn more about the service.


Another option that we give to our clients is WooCommerce. It is a hub of different features that makes the website flawless. WooCommerce transforms any static website into a completely reliable, advanced, and responsive eCommerce website. With the potential of being useful for small scale and large-scale businesses or vendors, it makes exciting online stores. This platform could be the best platform for your site because of what it offers – flexibility, contains different dimensions, loaded with amazing features, gives a complete report and reveals analytics, etc. The following are some areas where we help our clients;

  • Theme development
  • Customization as per need and requirement
  • Store development
  • Plugin integration and development
  • Technical audit
  • Security audit

These are only a few to name and have a lot more to offer. So, in case you want to hire us for your eCommerce website based on the WooCommerce platform, do let us know.


Digital Aimz gives uses another eCommerce website developing and designing portal – Bigcommerce. Traditional ways of creating an eCommerce site are altered with new technologies. By using this platform, clients get the freedom to get an impressive and unique website where the revenue is attracted flawlessly. While we create eCommerce websites using Bigcommerce, clients get the following perks. 

Improved plans on inventory management features
Gives a customized shopping experience
Chooses the best payment gateways to suit client’s needs

These are some of the features of using Bigcommerce and there are many more attached to this platform. However, if you are interested in getting this service, all you are required to do is to follow us on this link: https://www.digitalaimz.com/estimate-project/ 


Using this as a platform for eCommerce development and designing a website, clients get features that are mentioned below:

  • It is easy to operate and use
  • Offers something to everyone
  • Looks professional
  • Editing and updating is pretty easy
  • Best for search engine

This platform offers so much so that everyone gets something in the end. There are many other features besides the one which we have mentioned here. For more information on how it can help in an eCommerce site, don’t hesitate and contact us now! 


Magento facilitates the client with a strategic vision that is highly optimized as per the requirements of the search engine and drives operational information. Digital Aimz work on the following areas while developing and designing an eCommerce site using this platform;

  • Code audits
  • Analytical services
  • Cloud deployment on Magento
  • Commerce tactics and strategies

There are many other areas in which we work to make our client’s site the best one to optimize. However, if you have any queries and want to ask anything then don’t think twice, contact us now. 

Procedure of Designing and Developing an Ecommerce Website

Digital Aimz follows a procedure to execute the development and designing of a website. Let’s check out the procedure and understand why you must hire us for your eCommerce sites. 

Step 1: Free of Cost Consultancy Session

The first step to any eCommerce project is to understand the scope of the project. For that, we give a free of cost consultancy that allows us to get aware of the demands and needs. We work on industry trends to get a clear idea of the business. This is the most crucial step as it makes us know about the audience, how to cater to products or services, and the interests of the buyer. 

Step 2: Laying out Strategy

Plotting about the parameters on the basis of which the eCommerce site would define success points is as important as understanding the requirements of the site. However, in this step, there is a whole team involved. Once our research is done and experienced team member approves the strategy, we gather insights to get started with the finalization of strategies. When we have planned the project, we go on to the next step of developing and designing an eCommerce website. 

Step 3: Planning

Once the strategy is chalked out and the consultation is carried out, it is time to put strategies in a sitemap. That works as a blueprint for the hierarchy and structure of the site. Also, in this step, our professional team members list down all the technical specifications and requirements to ensure the site possesses the best performance. UX team later works on the wireframes that reveal layouts of the page to make sure that with every scroll or click turns out to be the cohesive experience. 

Step 4: Designing and Development

We design and develop eCommerce in a way that it gives an excellent user experience. Yes, converting visitors into clients is one of the ultimate aims. So, while designing an eCommerce site, our team works in the visual styling and makes sure you like what we deliver. Secondly, through wireframes, our eCommerce website designers bring out the most strategic concepts. Mockups are presented to the client where it is shown in tabs, mobiles, and desktops. 

Step 5: Ecommerce Development

If you choose us to create your E-Commerce website, this is the stage where our crew transforms the ideal vision into reality by giving it a structure, stimulating our design, and including the features that guarantee ideal execution. [link to eCommerce Development]
If your team is ready to execute, then we hand over all the documents with specifications and guidelines to simplify the development process for you. 

Step 6: Test and ready to launch

In the final stage of the development process, we ensure that your website is completely efficient and functional by running quality assurance tests that ensure the results.
We assess a hundred different spots and run tests on them that ensures that your website is completely reliable, secured, and functional and meets the required standards.
And then, we are prepared to unveil the project!

Why Hire Digital Aimz for E-Commerce Businesses and Projects?

Are you ruminating on designing your website by yourself?
Well, it might sound like a cost-effective idea that saves money BUT will that be good for your business and revenue generation? 

If your crew fails to gather the skills and expertise to develop an engaging website that doesn’t stand out into the market, you might lose the attention of your potential prospects or in worst cases, you might disappoint your existing clients, and you might even end up losing what you could have earned by an eye-catching website.

Understanding the potential profits of an engaging website, would you take unnecessary risks to save a few dollars rather than putting your revenue into safe hands by hiring people who have immense expertise in building a website. Well, the decision is yours!

Key points of WHY

You should choose us, Digital Aimz to do the job so that we can cater the following services;

Your Digital Existence and traffic are always the outcome of your outstanding website.
Your website in the digital zone is the most significant possession of your business. It is what bring out profit from the digital world

If you want to make your mark in the digital world then, your website is your gateway to that. Having a digital presence with a website can speak of your credibility as a business. But, if the website doesn’t seem appealing or engaging to the prospects then, it might put the credibility of your business to question.  By hiring a Digi-Marketing Agency you can be relieved that they will make it engaging for the organic traffic to reach out!


For a digital marketing the agency, it is a quotidian practice to build a good website in a given budget, Experts understand the requirements of surfers or clients, and they know how to engage people to check the site.


Since it’s a regular work, the website developers can change your website into a brand new and modish website in no time, because it is their expertise to turn around a website into what customer needs. 

Smart SEO Application

A smart and well-researched SEO application is extremely important for a website to appear on high ranks on search engines, to get in link with the potential customers. If the website is not optimized through SEO, it might lose potential customers because the customers will not be aware of its digital presence and that’s a major loss that might occur if you build your website on your own. And in this scenario, learning about SEO applications can be difficult and time consuming.

Visual Aesthetics

You might perceive that visual appearance doesn’t play a role in customer engagement, but you might be mistaken there. It is a lesser-known fact that visitors firstly will get the idea of how good your business is, by the aesthetics of your website. Professional business companies always focus on the aesthetics of their website because your prospect might question your credibility if your website seems false or unappealing to them. Digital marketing agencies put a lot of effort on what the visitors will find appealing and what they would want to see. They add up the captivating look to the site to engage visitors.

Modern Resources

Digital Aimz is cognizant of modern tools and trends to apply. They have the idea of which software and tools should be used to prepare your website for the long run.