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WordPress Design & Development

WordPress is one of the best platforms to build a website or blog. That’s the reason why it is used by influential personalities, celebrities, famous TV channels, companies, and bloggers. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that WordPress has unique features that allow anyone to design a website. Even though it is very easy to create and design, some features are only dealt with by professional website developers. 

That’s where Digital Aimz comes into function. Our digital marketing company in the UK facilitates WordPress services which encompasses everything that is related to the platform of website creation. It is not limited to customization and installation of plugins. Instead, it revolves around several other features for which WordPress is known across the UK. 

Digital Aimz Services

Enlisted below is the list of all WordPress services that help in making any website or blog “best”.

WordPress Theme, Design, and Development

Digital Aimz is known for creating themes on word press. They are always unique and have trendy designs. We also use customized features in order to follow the client’s needs and requirements. It may entail coding standards as well as WordPress modules. Furthermore, our themes intensify the appearance and feel of the blog/website. Also, WordPress themes at Digital Aimz meet standard necessities of search engines. This helps clients to make a competitive presence in the web.

WordPress Plugin Development

Our plugins are business-centric and are best for uploading different types of media. Media items (video clips, music, images, etc.) add value for monetization, serve the main purpose, and facilitate clients with additional performance. When all these files are added, they enhance the product, stands out among other websites, and aids in surviving the competitive market. Moreover, our professional WordPress developers use customized plugins in order to make a client’s design, marketing, and eCommerce business sustainable.

Custom WordPress Design and Development

Digital Aimz improvises websites as per the demand of the client. It includes all the nitty-gritty of WordPress platform. Means, websites are created and designed using the aesthetic sense, vibrant features, etc. Moreover, at times clients look for options that make their website a bit different.

WordPress eCommerce Solution

In order to gain a competitive edge, Digital Aimz simplifies the project. We add the most recent version of WordPress (attractive and conversion driven eCommerce sites). Our professionals of the team also build websites that are easy to function, are more responsive, and have excellent WordPress eCommerce resolutions.

WordPress API Integration

Digital Aimz being one of the most successful WordPress services provides final products with features that are integrated with API (Application Program Interface). Reason being, API makes interactions and functionalities smoother.

WordPress Migration Services

Migrating content from different software applications is another service that we provide. In other words, CMS, if other platforms are transferred into WORDPRESS to experience flawlessness and smoothness during exploring the site.

HTML to WordPress Conversion

At Digital Aimz our clients get content management. Means, all websites that are developed on HTML are converted into WORDPRESS sites to make it more powerful, flexible, and most importantly dynamic.

PSD to WordPress Conversion

All your designs and their codes in the form of XD, PSD, or other formats are changed into WORDPRESS websites. Let your website be based on an eCommerce site, landing page, or any other type.

Why Choose Digital Aimz?

WordPress is mainly because it offers web development to the next degree. Digital Aimz helps clients with unique as well as astounding features that are mostly not covered by any other WORDPRESS design and development agency. Solutions of the basic, as well as the most complicated issues, are covered with the help of most experienced and professional WORDPRESS developers and designers.

Enlisted below are some of the reasons why you must hire WORDPRESS design and development services from Digital Aimz.

Dashboard for Complete Updates

Staying up to date and collaboration with a WORDPRESS design and development agency may seem daunting. However, with Digital Aimz, you will not feel anything except satisfied and good. Majorly because we provide three in one package which has the following components.

  • Satisfaction 99.9%
  • Completion of project 100%
  • Delivery on-time 100%

Coding and Coding Standards

Incorporation of the latest and most functional coding to the websites is our priority. That enables a user-friendly website. We integrate all guidelines of the search engine to make it optimized according to the client’s requirements. Besides that, coding is done by the most experienced and expert team members who are aware of possibilities and prospects strategies. In the end, clients get the most expected features on the website (high- performance, perfect PHP codes, and standardized coding ethics for WORDPRESS).

Safety and Security

Safety and security are guaranteed while getting your website designed and developed. However, it is managed by the incorporation of data encryption, adding SSL, 2 step authentication, and other features. Also, we add in other unique features that maintain advanced security.

Multi user and their Hierarchy

Different roles, teams, and permissions are granted to the members of multiple users. This is an inbuilt feature of WORDPRESS which the professionals of Digital Aimz ensure to add at the time of designing and development of a site. In addition to that, we also make sure to build a management system with new features that are not present in the inbuilt system.

Friendly and Responsive Sites

All sites which are designed and developed by the professional WORDPRESS team of Digital Aimz are responsive with excellent screen resolution. We select themes and put in other components to make sure of being 100% responsive. This means every site is opened and accessed on laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other gadgets according to their dimensions.

Fastest Testing Process

When it comes to testing and assessing, our WORDPRESS team members apply a structural approach with the latest industrial practices and high protocols to pass the test. That way we confirm if the site or product has bugs or not. If not, we deliver the free of bugs sites to our clients, otherwise, we remove those bugs and then test the site all over again.
Extraordinary Plugin Functionalities
If our clients don’t want hardcore coding and are fine with the plugins by WORDPRESS, we love to integrate those for the best features. Digital Aimz always selects plugins after knowing the demand of the site. Since there are hundreds of plugins, proper research is done to make sure of the requirements.

Excellent Content Update

Images, thumbnails, blog posts, and content are set in the back end of the site. Our WORDPRESS developers and designs add user-friendly options of making the site look flawless. However, to make sure of the quality, we add or make codes to make the content look crispy to the audience.

Search Semantic

Websites that are developed and designed at Digital Aimz are always ready to be part of the search engine and SEO. When it comes to architecture, we use WORDPRESS platform that creates instant and continuous codes to get ranked on search engines.

Innovative Ideas

It is a known fact that WORDPRESS is the smartest, stable, and strongest CMS platform. It has thousands of plugins which makes the site updated as per needs, has PHP versions, and has the potential to stay updated as per the trends. In other words, our team is good with innovative ideas and knows which segment or area of the site to augment.

Custom Themes and Plugins

Another reason to hire Digital Aimz for your websites is that all our themes and plugins are customized accordingly. We also protect your website with seamless solutions that do wonders later go. Furthermore, we ensure to provide the WORDPRESS theme, their development, and design with life-long solutions and support.

Premium Themes

When it comes to themes, we pick the best WORDPRESS premium themes on the website. The procedure is simple though; we give options to the clients or take clients to take on which theme to use on the website.

Conversion Optimization

Conversions are the real reason for making a website, right? To drive the best conversion rate and visitors, our WORDPRESS developers bring in all the creativity and innovation. We make sure to add everything that is a must to bring in more visitors who would convert into a potential selling point.

Cost-Effective and Experienced Team

WORDPRESS is the most versatile website building platform. Therefore, we make complete use of it and apply everything that may be the need of the client. In doing so, the experienced experts of WORDPRESS use the effective dragging and dropping option which works faster than any other manual option.

Advantages of WordPress Development

Mostly we get to hear the question “why do we need WORDPRESS development and design services?”, to which we always give six reasons which are mentioned below.

1. Easiest Customization in Terms of Plugins and Themes

Most of the people who use WORDPRESS CMS are not professionals. Even then they use this platform, right? It is mainly because of easiness and smoothness that is aligned while developing a site. Also, it is about solutions that are much in demand.

One of the reasons for using WORDPRESS is based on themes and plugins. An array of themes (templates) are ready to use in any form of the site (blog, eCommerce store, or business website). Perfectness is however noticed when you let an expert play his role in the development of a site.

Furthermore, WORDPRESS is the easiest platform even for those who are not in web designing as a profession. In this platform, your themes and plugins are such which don’t need coding at all. Instead, these themes are loaded with features that are acclaiming and rewarding to the next level.

All of the following features are used to beautify the site’s appearance.

  • Change of color as per preference
  • Modifying background as needed
  • Uploading of pictures and logo
  • Creating a navigation bar and sliders

When it comes to plugins, you can use them to add unique features which may include membership area, analytics, contact forms, etc. Just like free or premium themes, these plugins are also available in WORDPRESS CMS.

Besides adding functionality and features, some plugins enable the website to change entirely in terms of platform. In this situation, you can rely on Digital Aimz where your sites are taken care of from the scratch with deep analysis of themes and plugins that can become the game-changer for the site.

2. WORDPRESS is the Safe and Secure CMS Platform

WORDPRESS is considered the most secure and safe platform for displaying content and creating a website. Means, your content and website, both stay at the high-end secure point. Where nobody can intrude the site and hack it for illegal reasons. Therefore, we opt for a system where the two-step process is required to secure websites.

In order to keep sites secure and safe, we add “Sucuri” to protect from brute force attacks and malware. Other tools in the form of plugins are also included in the site. These help in rescuing your site from suspicious login activities.

3. WORDPRESS Handles an Array of Media Types

Interesting WORDPRESS is not all about the content management platform. It has built-in features that make it the best avenue to upload video files, images, and audio files. Apart from this, you can embed YouTube videos, Tweets, music from Soundcloud, Instagram photos, etc. This all can be done by simply copying and pasting the URL in the WORDPRESS post editor.

So basically, you can use WORDPRESS in different dimensions. Enlisted below are some of the main types of sites that are made with the help of WORDPRESS.

  • Blogs with different macro and micro-niches
  • Online store with the help of eCommerce themes and plugins
  • Business and/or professional websites to demonstrate products or services
  • Membership sites or sites in the form of discussion forums
  • Learning via online courses

There are many other areas where WORDPRESS is highly effectively utilized. However, if someone wants to experience all the features of WORDPRESS, then it is best to hire an agency that can make you understand different uses of WORDPRESS. Trying features separately and observing functionality and dynamics is the only way to know if you like it or not.

4. Freedom is the Essence of WordPress

First of all, it’s important to know that WORDPRESS is a free of cost platform. Means, users can always install, download, and even modify according to needs and requirements. This platform is there to be used in any form for any kind of website. Despite the fact that WORDPRESS is free of cost, you still need to buy a domain (the address which lets the audience to come and visit the site) and hosting (it is a structure where the site is designed and content or other material is stored) to get started with the designing and development of a website.

If you think it is something that you cannot handle on your own, Digital Aimz is the digital marketing agency to rely on. We have an experienced and professional team to look after WORDPRESS design and development that has the potential to make your site a game-changer. Besides that, we also provide services where different types of WORDPRESS sites are made. This means our services are not limited to eCommerce and blogs.

5. SEO Friendliness and WordPress

The best about WORDPRESS is that it has high quality, standard compliance towards coding. This makes search engines love semantic mark-up. That’s the main reason why WORDPRESS sites are easily ranked as compared to sites developed on other platforms.

As far as WORDPRESS design and development is concerned, it is extremely user-friendly. It is not just said but observed by almost everyone. Moreover, you can modify the site by adding or removing plugins and themes. If you have any issues in doing so, don’t fret because Digital Aimz is here to help you out!

6. Easy and Convenient Management System

Interestingly, WORDPRESS has a built-in management system that allows modification and editing of plugins, content, theme, and other material published on the site easily through the WORDPRESS dashboard. In addition, WORDPRESS also notifies if there is a new version so that you can update the site by a simple click.

WORDPRESS has a plugin that protects the site from getting hacked. Automatic backup is always ready and functional. It saves data without any hassle. Also, merging the WORDPRESS site to WORDPRESS mobile is very easy.

Our WordPress Development Process

Digital Aimz personalizes and delivers unique sites. In most situations, we cater to the following process.

Step 1: Understanding concept and brainstorming

First and foremost, professional WORDPRESS developers consult and brainstorm the requirements of the clients. This includes the type of site, a plugin which will be needed in the size, color and theme selection, etc.

Step 2: Requirement analysis and strategy development

Once that is done, we move on to the next step in which we analyze and assess all possibilities of the client’s requirements. This means this is the step in which you work on the strategy. It includes how, when, where, why, of the entire plan.

Step 3. Initiating website development

After understanding the plan and creating the road for a site, it is time to develop a WORDPRESS site. In this phase, WORDPRESS developers and designers of Digital Aimz start adding a theme, plugin, and everything that supports the site. There are two sides to the site – on-page and off-page. Both are catered professionally by the team member.

Step 4. Quality analysis and testing

As soon as the WORDPRESS site is developed, experts analyze, test, and approve quality. If it lacks somehow or shows some kind of lacking, it is fixed and then delivered to the respective client.

Step 5. Maintenance and support

Last but not least, after delivering the site we facilitate clients with maintenance and keep on supporting them till the contract of a certain time is over. Means, clients are not left alone after completing the task.

Content Management System (CMS)

What is a CMS?

A content management system is software that allows users without programming knowledge to create, edit, and publish web content, such as text or multimedia elements, collectively via a graphical user interface.

Most Popular cMSs

Joomla 5.2%
Drupal 3.4%
Shopify 2.7%
WIx 1.9%
Others 1%