Refund Policy – Digital Aimz

In order to make your experience worthwhile, avoid complications, and to maintain credibility amongst clients, Digital Aimz has devised a Refund Policy. Once you decide to purchase services from us, it is automatically declared that you are agreeing and accepting our refund policy as well as terms and conditions. 

The main purpose to collect information from clients is to make our official website better, to enable clients to know about our services, and also solve different types of problems that occur during or after the purchase. However, there are options in which the client can opt out from receiving notification emails in the future. 

Web Development and Designing, Digital Marketing and SEO Services Refund Policy 

When and if the client buys our web development and design or digital marketing services that may include SEO, etc. they must check our refund policy. 

Administration of Refunds 

In case refunds are accepted and Digital Aimz is willing to make the refund, it shall be administered within 180 official days. A client must know that the date on which he canceled the service bought will be the date on which the processing will start. After which, the client will be notified through an email. At the same time, payment gateway shall be looked into which was agreed at the time of initiating the project. 

Modifications and Changes in Refund Policies

Digital Aimz has all the right to amend refund policies periodically. We, Digital Aimz don’t need any prior notice to do the needful. Therefore, it is advised to check on the refund policies every time before making a purchase of our services. 

Restriction of Accountability 

Digital Aimz is not responsible for any kind of loss during or after buying digital marketing or web development services. We will only cater to the needs if a client decides to cancel the purchase. However, in that case, too, the client must inform Digital Aimz’s team in writing (an email). Delay at delivery is also not the point on which we shall make any refund. 

Setup Charges

Setup charges are non-refundable. The payments incurred by Digital Aimz in this step for SEO or other campaigns are not returned in any case. No exceptions. 

Website Development and Designing – Hosting Charges 

Payments made for the preceding, following, or in advance are not refunded at any circumstance. The date you order services for website development and designing, a client’s hosting accounts are set up. However, if and when the client opens an account that is not used, even then the payment will be due and will not be refunded. The client needs to send an email to stop getting the billing (for hosting).

Suspension of Hosting Account

Chances of getting account suspension are higher if and when the client fails to make payment after 15 days of the due date. In that case, Digital Aimz will give the refund of the hosting service which is not yet consumed. Digital Aimz will also have the right to terminate the client’s user account when and if he is found violating policies, terms, and conditions. If the account is terminated because of a violation, there will be no refund for any point mentioned above.

Pre-Requisites of Refund 

Digital Aimz works for clients on a no favoritism policy. That means clients have the same importance and each project is handled with the same level of professionalism. Keeping terms and conditions, vision, and goals of the client; we tend to deliver what is expected. However, if the client is not satisfied with the work we deliver and want to open a refund dispute, we would consider it on the following grounds. 

100% or Full Refund 

If and when a project is not assigned or has not been approved by the client, Digital Aimz shall provide a full refund. However, it will apply only when complete up-front payment has been made. Also, it is important to keep in mind that processing will take 180 official days. 

Limited Refund

In cases where the client doesn’t agree on accepting the delivered portion of service after approving the initial plan and strategy to work upon, Digital Aimz will make a partial or limited refund. This refund will be dependent on the work that is completed. 

No Refund

There will not be any refund if and when the project is completed or is uploaded on the agreed server. Other reasons for not refunding the amount given is on the following terms and conditions. After downloading the service provided the client changes the mind and decides to take a refund. An item or service was bought without checking the description or was placed by mistake. 

Note: Please read our terms and conditions here. 

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