How to Save a DM Video on Instagram

Back in the day when we first started using Instagram, there was no way of saving a video that you receive in direct messages. In the Instagram app or the direct messages. And if we have to talk about these again I would say there’s only one way you can save these videos sent to you is by using third-party apps. But not anymore as we have to make a lot of improvements after that. You can also use Dumpor as Instagram stories viewer.

But later the app realized that there’s a certain inconvenience with the app and that is not having an option of saving these videos that we receive in the direct inbox. And also you can’t save images as well except taking a screenshot. And this is not much handy. We encounter so many interesting things on Instagram that we are supposed to save in our gallery. And this way pictures lose their original quality resulting in a low-resolution photo.

Now we can see that Instagram has enabled this option where you can save these videos. All of such videos are sent to you using Instagram direct message option, this way things are way easier.

But here in this article, we will learn different things and how we can save videos on Instagram. And this way direct messages would be effortless in a very short time.

How we can save these photos and videos in the DMs

Now many questions will arise in your mind regarding this, also how you can save these photos from messages to your gallery.

Many times people send us various funny and interesting pictures in our direct Instagram automated messages that we just want to save in our camera role right? But in past, it was not possible now you don’t have to worry about that. There are several apps in the market that might help you with this. and this method can be carried out in about two ways. The first would be downloading videos that you receive on the direct messages in the app itself. And the second might be when you want to use these third party apps. 

In the last few years, there is the great number of apps that will help you download these settings on your phone. And also there are certain things you might want to do when you can’t download these videos even on the apps. But in the last few years, many of such junk apps have been removed or they have stopped working for your benefit. For your ease, we have shortlisted several apps that might help you with this issue. Not just this but we have also made it possible for this kind of work all of such things would help have been enlisted “How to save a dm video on Instagram” here on this blog.

Here you might download these videos for both direct saver and using direct messaging:

The one would be the direct saver

This app is one used for saving video on Instagram, this helps you download various images and videos on both news feed and direct messaging. 

You just have to log in to this and this would automatically start downloading all the pictures and videos you want.

Apart from this there are some other tools for both saving videos and downloading pictures. But now as we know Instagram has made it much possible for you to save these Instagram videos that you like just on the matter of fingers. In these settings, you don’t have to even download these third-party apps for saving videos on Instagram. This means you will have very few apps that gonna pop up and can easily shut down.

The second method would be saving videos and these photos on these direct messaging apps.

This would be the very ultimate way for you if you want to save these photos and the videos on both the Instagram messages apps or even direct messaging apps. Also, you can do it very easily in very few steps. So, you can even download these videos even on Instagram for just a few seconds.

This might be a great trick if you want to save these direct messages for any kind of phone or even say android. This is one great way for saving pictures on Instagram and photos.

So in the beginning when this update was launched, It was like a great option which means you can save video or let us say images directly from the apps and you don’t even have to use some third-party apps. Just enter your Instagram username and you will encounter a few ads that will help you to save these videos on Instagram. Maybe sometimes you might get your account hacked.

Like any other site, Instagram wants many of the users to use their platform as much as they can. Now if these users want to use these third party apps this means their users would have to leave the platform for some time. Also, Instagram never encourages these apps as they can scam users many times by stealing their information.

So, in the beginning when Instagram wanted to use this kind of third party apps because we know these features does not exist on the platform. They used to send different signals that might be inadequate for their users.

As we know Instagram is improving day by day and these features will allow you for saving different videos or even photos from these direct messages. 

For saving these videos or even the photos you have to go to the conversations where you might receive these different kinds of apps or even photos sometimes. And for this, you have to tap on the video option. Now a text will appear in front of you that would say the save option.

Right now third-party, you might not have the way of saving these direct messages or even the videos that you might see on your desktop pc. Because the option for saving these direct messages is not available.