SEO and Web Development Services in Brierley Hill Dudley –

Digital Marketing has touched new horizons of growth for many. It has yet again proven as the source of stability for those who want to establish new limits for business development. In times of pandemics and even before that, web development and designing have been influential elements. With website designing and structuring, SEO (search engine optimization) comes in handy and that is how our clients go through a complete process towards success. 

Digital Aimz takes clients seriously. Their growth means a lot to us. That is the reason why we tend to provide everything related to website development and designing along with SEO under one roof. 

1st Core Service: Web Development and Designing Services – Digital Aimz

Services that we cater to the clients are based on needs and requirements. At times when our client is new to the business or is getting the first website made, we walk him through the entire procedure. We make sure of conducting a free of cost consultancy session. In the session we get all the answers of the kind of website he wants; also, the client is allowed to question us on the type of service he is about to buy. 

Expertise in Different Kinds of Websites 

Since we operate in almost all types of websites, there is always room to manage your preference. The kinds of sites we make as in development and development are mentioned below.

  • eCommerce websites 
  • Custom website 
  • Dynamic website 
  • Static website 
  • 4 pages website 

However, the platforms we use in order to develop and design a site are based on the following;

  • WordPress 
  • Joomla 
  • Jimdo 
  • Wix 
  • Drupal
  • Spacesquare 

All these sites are responsive and contain the best CMS (content management system). Coding is an integral part of a site. That is why we tend to integrate into the custom website or other site structure. 

Enlisted below are features that make us unique.

Step 1: Designing a website 

Design is always the first step to create a website. To complete a project, there must be a complete understanding and know-how. Digital Aimz particularly delivers web development services in Brierley Hill Dudley. What does it cater and how it functions? Well, our procedure is somewhat the same as other designers and developers. What is the difference between others and us? It is totally based on the kind of tools and themes we integrate with the site to make it highly responsive and functional. So, after choosing the best theme with the consent of a client, we opt for various elements and aspects that are necessary to launch a site on Google. It is done so that the site can get ranked sooner than expected. Clients get sites for online presence and best conversions. That is what we offer without any doubt. Therefore, when we design an official website for a client, conversions are also considered. 

Step 2: Developmental stage of a website 

The second stage is where our expert website designers and developers complete the entire website. Everything around the client’s need is catered to in the design as well as the development of a site. Remember that the website is of various kinds. We, Digital Aimz provide all sorts of development and designing of websites. 

Step 3: Monitoring, assessing, and maintenance of a site

The last step is to test the site. What do we assess in this phase? Well, our professionals and experts take care of the plugins and operations integrated into the site to make it more user-friendly and functional. After the testing and assessment of the site from all angles, it is given to the client. We are not done with the project or creating a site here. The client is given a year-long (or specific duration) maintenance service. This service is included in the package bought. 

2nd Core Service: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is another core service that Digital Aimz provides in Brierley Hill Dudley. Knowing that without SEO the site doesn’t work as such, we give an overall package to comply with the needs. In the package, there are off-page and on-page ranking tactics. Both these aspects are included for a number of reasons. 

However, with us, Digital Aimz a client can get different flavors of getting better ROI and conversions. Again, what makes it possible? It is SEO. Yes, SEO is the way to do things the right way. Enlisted below are some of the advantages of doing business with us. 

  • With the best tactics, we can increase traffic within a short period of time. 
  • Brand awareness through campaigns on your site can level up the game. 
  • Top-notch clients and those who are looking for the best companies in particular industries can contact you.
  • Leads, revenue, and calls percentage increases through SEO done by our experts.
  • Digital Aimz will manage noteworthy “call to actions” in the site to make a significant rise in instant buying. 
  • With us, your competitors will not be able to chase that quickly. If they do, we know how to leave them behind and move forward. 
  • Content is also added. However, you have to make a purchase of the package that includes SEO along with content management. 

We know that some industries have massive competition as compared to others. Those with a thin competition rate are ranked easily. Our professionals business consultant in the field let the magic happen through extremely well-researched tactics and strategies. Likewise, it goes the same for higher competition. Approaches and plans to combat bigger competitors are our game. We love to take on challenges and make the unbelievable happen within the expected time. 

When we give all these bounties to the clients, what happens next? These clients endorse us on professional platforms, let us grow, and stay loyal. 

2 Steps Procedure for Search Engine Optimization 

Mainly the entire SEO procedure involves two steps. These steps are further divided into several segments where each of them is taken care of to the maximum level. 

Step 1: On-Page SEO 

This is where the client is given content with keywords that are most searched. Also, it contains internal links and other aspects that make the content ranked. 

Step 2: Off-Page SEO 

We always need traffic as in audience to read the articles and get to know about the company or brand. It is to bring awareness after all, right? In this pursuit of bringing awareness, we need more people to reach the site. That is when we use social media and several other platforms and tactics to make the most out of it. 

Therefore, all in all, there are 2 main services under our command – SEO and Website Development & Designing. Once our clients opt for a package with both the services, they get a considerably better quote as compared to getting solo services. Try us out and see where we can take you – skyrocket your demand and let you know the real meaning of success!