Technology has introduced new ways of reaching customers. New methods have replaced the old ones. B2b portals are using technology to reach their list of potential clients. Digital technology has helped in reshaping the business and brought about a positive revolution in the field. B2b platforms are growing at a fast pace. It has given rise to competition in the field. Buyers and sellers can connect globally regardless of their location.

Many b2b platforms offer their exceptional services digitally.

Let us have a look at some of them.


Alibaba provides a safer trading option to all buyers and sellers. It offers a great option for escrow function. This saves the businesses from paying hefty amounts to the traders and being vulnerable to any scam. This platform provides various options like price comparison and cloud data storage. In addition to that multiple online payment methods can be used. It gave tug competition to its competitors by generating 1.1 trillion yuan. Alibaba has its headquarters in 


The business accommodates 22000 thousand employees. It got featured in various magazines including the Economist magazine. Alibaba has an affiliation with 10 companies. The business has three famous websites that include Taobao, Tmall, and Alibaba. 


eWorldTrade is known as the asset growing b2b platform that has introduced new ways of trading. They aren’t a company of eWorldTrade is Reckon Media LLC situated in the USA. It has its biggest operation unit in Karachi, Pakistan that serves China and Pakistan by providing trade opportunities. There are many subscribers of the platform. The subscriber list has reached 5 million. This platform offers customer support at every step. The website allows you to use filters to make your search easy. Products are displayed using high-definition images and descriptions. Here are thousands of dealers’ manufacturer sellers and buyers on the platform.

EC Plaza

EC Plaza is a Korean platform that is operating since 1996. The user list of the b2b platform is 400000. It provides various facilities like cost savings and offline trading services. The number of offers on the website is as many as 4 million. Such an offer is not present on any of the websites. It ranks among the top lists of b2b websites. ECPlaza is a quite big platform with almost four million subscribers. The services are available o the sites in three different languages. These include English, Korean and Japanese language. The products available on the site are cost-effective. The brands on the site are authentic that provide quality products and services. The b2b platform started its operation in 1996.   

Made in China

It is one of the leading b2b platforms that provides web-based solutions. It provides products at reasonable prices. It caters to all the small and medium-sized businesses effectively by providing them a chance to showcase their business. Information is available about the goods on their website. 


This is an amazingly popular b2b platform that facilitates the reader through its online portal. It offers features to all businesses. These include shopping cart, product management, multiple payment methods, social networking. The interface is easy to navigate which allows users to have a great shopping experience. If a business is not tech-savvy, it should not worry. This is a complete website that offers digital solutions. It provided opportunities to small-scale businesses and ha snow launched Shopify plus. 

Global Sources

The global source is a great platform that is present in the industry for about 49 years. This is why the platform has 1.5 million users. It is widely known for providing region-specific products. It is a Chinese company that offers various products. That belongs to 50 different categories. Filters are available on the site to make the search process easy and less time-consuming. It also takes part in the biggest exhibition in Southern China and is the organizer of events that connects various buyers and sellers from around the world. 


eBay was established in 1995 and is regarded as one of the most uses friendly websites. eBay features small and medium-sized businesses and has several 230 million users. eBay offers unique features. One of them is trading which is used to trade products. then there is a marketplace that is used for providing buying and selling services. The distinctive quality of the platform is that it is providing unique products. Those products are not available on the website. Isn’t that incredible. In addition to that, it offers an auction feature on the website. Dealers can auction the products they want. 

Ali Express

Ali express is one of the most highlighted platforms that offers its service to small and medium-sized businesses. The product category is wide. The website of the platform is attractive and easy to navigate. Million buyers and sellers are present on the platform. Ordering is simple and easy. The website allows ordering for as low as a single product. To promote authenticity the business requires all its buyers and sellers to prove their identity. They need to submit the document to prove they are legit. Ali express is regarded as one of the most trusted sites in the world. 


DHgate offers its services in 227 countries with 5 million subscribers. It offers products at a very good price. It has the honor of being on the list of 2100 most visited pages on the internet. DHgate is a part of the global vendor market. It provides opportunities to small businesses and there are almost one million Chinese vendors on the site. The products that are on the website are with FCC certificates. The product name can be entered with certification standards. 


These are the best platforms that can be introduced to the potential audience. The Internet has connected businesses to their target audience which would have otherwise been difficult. They have worked hard in achieving the milestones and taking the business to a level of perfection.