Real Estatate Marketing Stragtegy

Digital marketing is the lifeblood of modern real estate development companies.

From Foxtons in London to FarEast in Singapore and Al-Nakheel in the Middle East to Blackstone Group in the United States, all the real estate companies value digital marketing as a part of their overall marketing plan. Since the second decade of the 21st century, the importance of digital marketing in real estate has increased manifold.

What is digital marketing?

The term ‘digital marketing’ first became popular in 2000. On a broader spectrum, digital marketing encompasses the directed use of available digital methodologies and devices under the effect of the internet to attract real estate investors and retain them through consistent service standards coupled with a handsome return on investment.

For digital marketing realtors like simplified solutions. This article would answer your questions enabling you devise a compact real estate digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Process

Digital marketing is a procedural, step-by-step strategic function which tends to payback after a stipulated period of time.  Conventionally, the real estate marketers used traditional ways to reach out the prospect clients. It involved travelling and face-to-face meetings. The face of marketing for real estate has entirely changed for the following reasons:

  • Enormous communication revolution during the last two decades
  • Surprising advancements in technological base: macro and micro devices
  • Increased industry knowledge and reasoned entrepreneurship

Online property portals are in vogue

The prevailed competition has pushed the medium and large real estate companies towards online property portals. These portals assist in many ways:

  • Showcasing the specialized properties is easier now
  • Virtual tour of a specific property
  • Registration of property dealers
  • Uploading of real estate inventories
  • Instant chat with investment consultants is a UK based premier technology company delivering digital marketing and website development solutions in real estate sector and other industries. Digitalaimz is a fully integrated setup with following departments:

  • Designers Club  
  • Developers Planet
  • SEO Circle
  • Marketers Café
  • Writers Lounge
  • Planners Terrace

With a team of technology and marketing enthusiasts, Digitalaimz has got fame in the UK. Formulation and implementation of the digital marketing strategy for real estate are what Digitalaimz has been doing repeatedly. Their real estate digital marketing services are second to none in terms of credibility, emphasis and relevancy.

Real estate digital marketing tools and strategies

Since benefits of digital marketing in real estate are unlimited, the developers and strategists do everything to invent and innovate user-friendly and secure solutions for the property consultants and real estate agents.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media for property developers is as true as death. The first step to launching a digital marketing strategy in the real estate sector is to promote your brand and propagate your message far and wide. This is done with the help of social media marketing.

  • Create and update a business page for your property company at Facebook.
  • Integrate Instagram account to the Facebook page.
  • Join real industry groups on social media channels.
  • Tell the audiences through Twitter that you are a socially responsible real estate investment consultancy that believes in ethical values.
  • Integrate your social media pages to your website to take people to the latest property news and updates.
  • Post regularly to keep the users engaged and boost your highest performing posts.  
  • Share your audio-visual messages to as many groups and contacts as you can.
  • Real estate agency marketing is in action throughout Britain; it would be fair enough if you hire an agency to take your real estate business to the next level.
  • Affiliate marketing for real estate is yet another strategy to reach out to the people who would most likely buy tangible assets from an investment point of view.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Marketing for real estate remains incomplete without employing state-of-the-art SEO strategies and specialities. SEO has been revolutionizing the world of digital marketing since the late 1990s. The experts believe that all the efforts of digital marketing remain undone in the absence of SEO practices.

Local SEO produces definite web-sales when it comes to digital marketing for real estate developers and property consultants. Local SEO strategies improve the visibility of a real estate website.

  • Conduct professional SEO Audit first
  • Keep your website always up and functional
  • Fabricate your website content in a techno-creative way
  • Don’t leave your blog section unattended; publish articles frequently
  • Remember that videos on your website make grounds for better SEO results
  • Keep on changing the website content as per industry keywords
  • Share the web link to as many destinations as possible
  • Create true meta descriptions to facilitate google search  

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) constitute overall digital marketing for property developers. Like SEO, Search Engine Marketing focusses on promoting a business through visibility in online searches. The paid advertisements are in vogue these days and the property companies are reaping its fruits for sure. Organic SEO, Google PPC and third party postings are planned and implemented under the umbrella of Search Engine Marketing.

Inbound marketing for real estate makes use of content, SEO techniques and social media pages to capture the market share. Most people feel hurdles while differentiating among SMM, SEM and inbound marketing. These are not the same exactly. A sharp line of difference sets them apart.

YouTube Management

YouTube channel management is yet another revolution in digital marketing. With audio-visual aids, YouTube has become the new way of propagating marketing messages according to contemporary digital trends for real estate.

Specialized videos to showcase apartments, villas and commercial units could be set on-air periodically on the YouTube channel for all the convenience of target audiences. A section of people gets influenced by the video and sounds instead of scribbled content. Around 80 percent of the reputable real estate companies in the world work on their channels as a complete sales tool. By creating real estate videos with FlexClip, you are able to attract more buyers and increase sales of your properties.

Content Marketing

Once a real estate company successfully defines its audiences, content marketing becomes instrumental. Under content marketing strategy, the realtors make optimal use of scripts, audios, real estate videos, interviews, podcasts, infographics, and photographs to align the whole content to attract, engage and retain the target market. Content marketing is not a one-time activity, rather it continues with the expansion of a real estate venture.

Content marketing is capacitated to uplift the volume of sales, save marketing overheads and engage loyal customers through strategic actions. For such marketing campaigns, quality of the content is inevitable. Usually, the potential content thrives on following features.

  • Fresh and genuine
  • Hundred percent plagiarism-free
  • SEO friendly and understandable
  • Clear and distinct
  • Valid and relevant

Being an important part of overall digital marketing strategy of real estate companies, content captures primary status. From SEO to PPC and SMM to PR, quality content rules everywhere. According to Grice’s maxim of content, a valued content must have four unavoidable features.

  • Relevance
  • Information
  • Clarity
  • Quality

In real estate sector, the specialized platforms for content marketing comprise a maintained business website, blog, social media channels and landing pages. Usually, the website pop-ups with great content act as call-to-action button for the real estate concerns. DAMAC makes best use of content marketing. This is how it has captured big market share in the Middle East real estate industry.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has proved highly effective for real estate businesses. Being efficient for the acquisition of new clients and retention of the existing ones, email marketing has got fame. Emails are the best way to culture brand, promote products and showcase services. The schematic way of launching a comprehensive email marketing campaign is being chalked out underneath to help you understand its functionality.

  • Make a list of right audiences in the target market. Email marketing is not intended for irrelevant audiences.
  • Create unique script and design for the email containing brief and influential message for the prospect real estate investors, buyers and sellers. Avoid stuffing your email copy with unclear and unnecessary content. Select impressive email templates to go through the roof.
  • Decide on the frequency and time of sending email messages to the potential customers.
  • Professional emails could contain reminders, updates and news about the property agents and real estate projects.
  • Do not forget to interact with your existing customers through emails. Email marketing is the best technique to cross-sell in UK.
  • Greeting emails create a strong rapport amongst stakeholders. Wish your clients and prospects their birthdays and festivals through beautifully outlined emails.
  • Historically, email marketing has emerged as an imperative tool for getting the audiences subscribed to receive your newsletters and promotional stuff in future.
  • Prefer automation in email marketing management. Use of some competent software would surely yield success in this regard.
  • Embed important social media links in your emails. Most people go to the social media pages through emails. It is therefore good to include some links to quotations, forms and descriptions.
  • Hire a reliable email marketing agency to cater to your mercantile needs. Particularly, real estate agents and companies require a full service digital marketing agency to stand out in the competitive environment.
  • Stick to the SOAPS Principle while creating compelling emails: Speaker, Occasion, Audience, Purpose and Subject.

Cost-Benefit analysis of real estate digital marketing

The impact of digital marketing on real estate is enormous. A couple of smart deals a month could earn thousands of dollars for the real estate agent in the response of a $500 per month investment on digital marketing. It shows the ROI is comparatively higher. Usually, the marketing funnel process sets the stage to secure 10 per cent deals out of total audiences engaged.

There is not an atom of falsehood in the statement that digital marketing builds brand image. It gives communication coverage and magnifies the exposure for better reach. Pre-requisites of digital marketing therefore are sensitive to strategy. So-called planning and inaccurate market segmentation could ruin the whole marketing package.

What do most digital marketers ignore?

Digital marketing is art too. Besides technical skills, a digital marketer needs enthusiasm and motivation to accept challenges and turn them into opportunities for the investors and real estate companies. The marketers usually miss on the following considerations.

  • Sharing the posts to complete friend list on social media
  • Sharing the marketing messages in the real estate related groups on Facebook
  • Analyzing the insights regularly
  • Revising the digital marketing strategy according to the tendencies in real estate sector

Quick User Guide: what, when and how to do

  1. Hire a digital marketing agency
  2. Hire an SEO team with content writer
  3. Allocate a project manager to coordinate with agencies
  4. Strategize your business priorities
  5. Keep your business website updated
  6. Go Live on Instagram and publish stories
  7. Formulate and run an effective email marketing campaign
  8. Post informative blogs and guest posts
  9. Create, run and share your social media pages
  10. Launch comprehensive inbound marketing for real estate agents
  11. Translate the digital marketing strategy into actions
  12. Keep track of the marketing efforts

Value-added digital marketing services offered by Digitalaimz

Digitalaimz is known for its abilities to plan, formulate and implement digital marketing strategy across industries; real estate sector is one of these industries. With a number of successful digital marketing projects, Digitalaimz is proficient at

  • Producing higher conversion rate
  • Enhancing sales volume
  • Attracting real clients
  • Building a brand image

At Digitalaimz, real estate and property development marketing strategy demonstrates a few differentiated features which are hardly offered by any other property digital marketing agency. A few competencies of the marketers are being outlined for your reference.

  • Discuss client’s commercial requirements
  • Assist in segmenting the market
  • Device a relevant marketing strategy
  • Work on digital marketing control measures
  • Implement remarketing and retargeting techniques
  • Take situational decisions
  • Ensure digital PR throughout the process

So as the real estate marketing examples are concerned, the article is full of description. International real estate and construction companies rely on modern social media to stay animated in the minds of readers and stakeholders.