Content is king

If you are conversant with SEO digital marketing, then the idea of content being king shouldn’t be new. What this simply means is that content is everything when it comes to building your website’s SEO. But things have changed so much that it is safe to say that “fresh content is now king.”

The importance of fresh content to your digital marketing campaigns cannot be overemphasized. In this post, we will take a critical look at what fresh content is. After this, we will discuss why you need fresh content to boost your SEO campaigns. 

What is Fresh Content?

Several SEO digital marketing experts have their definitions of fresh content. Interestingly, you still find content pros make a lot of blunders because they aren’t sure what fresh content is. While most people consider making small changes or updates to existing content as fresh content, it isn’t. This doesn’t dispute the fact that such changes can improve SERP rankings. You should turn your website into a haven for searching customers by adding fresh content.

What then does fresh content mean? Simply put, it refers to adding new or fresh pages. The reason why small updates don’t necessarily improve SEO is that Google sees fresh content differently. When you add new pages to your blog, for instance, they improve ranking on Google. This is because the content boosts the SEO for the keywords that relate to your industry.

With fresh content, your website can now target a plethora of keywords. As such, targeting a wider array of long-tail keywords in the related niche becomes possible. With fresh content pages, you also have the opportunity to create new links to your website. These links can be used to connect other pages internally and externally. Don’t forget that backlinks are one of the most essential aspects of SEO marketing.

Why is Fresh Content Critical For SEO?

Now that you have a clearer understanding of fresh content, how does it affect your SEO digital marketing campaigns? Content helps to drive traffic because it provides answers to questions from your target audience. This means that visitors will always want to return to your website. It also implies that it will attract new visitors which in turn improves your conversion rate.

With this in mind, here’s why fresh content is critical to your SEO marketing:

Organic Keyword Optimization

Optimizing your keywords is paramount to your SEO. Both landing and domain pages should contain pertinent keywords. This helps search engine bots understand the website content easily when crawling through. The benefit of this is directing the right traffic to your pages.

Let’s say you are running an e-commerce website for car accessories. Your pages must include phrases and keywords that are common to purchasing car accessories. With this in place, search engine bots recognize your website and rank it properly after a query search.

Years ago, websites would rather cram keywords on their pages than provide relevant or engaging content. This was known as “keyword stuffing” and it used to work. Today, Google has moved past this method so you need to add keywords to content organically to improve optimization.

This is where fresh content comes in. Now, you can include the most relevant keywords into new content to improve your website ranking. The more fresh content you publish around these keywords, the easier it is for search engines to remember your pages. This results in better positioning that boosts your SEO digital marketing campaign.

Search Engine Bots

How much of search engines do you know? If you understand their algorithm, it makes it easy to understand these search engine bots. Usually, they crawl through web pages and as they do, they locate the latest content for their index.

They get to see your fresh content pages and it shows that you actively update your website. This is the secret. The more fresh content that the bots come across and index, the better your ranking in your niche.

When you continue to publish fresh content on your website, you make it possible to re-index it continually. You can either submit your latest URLs to the Google Search Console or wait for the bots to crawl through. Either way, your webpages get indexed to improve your website’s general SEO ranking.

Constant User Activity

One way to boost your SEO digital marketing campaigns is to generate constant user activity. The easiest way to achieve this is by uploading fresh content to your website. With more fresh content, you are guaranteed constant visits from your existing visitors. This is because they are assured that there is always something for them to see.

When you have a constantly returning audience, you build your traffic levels. The more traffic you have, the more authority that your website will gain on search engines. In the end, you will have better page rankings and you would have improved your SEO drastically.

Website Authority and Link Building

Asides from constant visits to your website, one way to improve your website authority is using links. When you create fresh content on new pages, you build new links for your website. Each of these links have a different URL. 

With these links, you can grow the authority of your website on search engines. It even gets better if you interlink between pages on your website. These links are known as inbound links and they are very important to your SEO digital marketing. 

Outbound links or backlinks are when you reference other websites. Doing this helps you to establish credibility for the information that you publish on your website. It also helps to grow your authority levels and boost your SEO.

With fresh content, you make it possible for external websites to backlink to yours. When Google bots crawl through different sites and see your backlinks, it shows that you are an authority. This means that you improve your ranking on Google and other search engines. Don’t forget, Google seeks websites that provide high-quality, accurate, and authoritative information.

How to Create Fresh Content On Your Website

Let’s be honest, creating fresh content on a website may be quite tasking except if you run a news website. However, a simple way to achieve this without going out of context is maintaining a blog on your website. You must have noticed that many businesses do this already.

With each blog post, your website gets a new page with a unique URL, further emphasizing the importance of engaging content and enhancing your online presence through Wikipedia page creation services. This contributes to the freshness of your website. All you need to do is set up a posting schedule. Your consistency will help to create more engagements, most of which will result in conversions at the end of the day.

Another thing that you can do is add more links to your webpages. This comes by virtue of the new content that you add. Make use of inbound links to connect previous content and also backlinks to connect to other websites. This will improve your SEO and authority rankings. 

More than anything else, ensure that your website is user-friendly. This means the pages should be well written and free of grammar errors (use Grammarly Premium or some other tool if you have to), should load quickly, and navigation should be stress-free. It also implies that your pages must be responsive to different interfaces or devices.


It is impossible to separate fresh content from SEO digital marketing. We have explained how fresh content is pivotal to improving your SEO in this post. What other methods do you know?

About the Author:

Maria De La Pena is a content writer for the on demand graphic design service Delesign with a keen interest in eCommerce and internet research marketing. She is a communications graduate and understands what it takes to write persuasive copy and blog posts. Outside of work, you can find her mini-blogging about her life on social media.