Can a Deleted Facebook Account be Traced

Facebook, one of the widely used social media platforms knows the need of the users. It allows to get away from Facebook and come back later. Shutting off the system as in the profile for a defined time or automatic rejoining of the account are two options given by the officials. However, there is a third choice that users make too – deletion. 

The psyche of a person plays different roles. It makes a decision but then regrets or wants to change things around the decision taken. That is the main reason for giving an alternative of rejoining Facebook account. It means if you concluded to delete the Facebook account and did everything to delete the account. There is something that will help you in getting it back, yes… retrieving the account.

You might think the action taken in the deletion process is complete. But no, it is not. Because Facebook knows you well! It gives some time to finally delete the account. A certain time duration has to be met before it actually deletes the account. This time for real! 

But wait, what if you are not sure about it and still want to retrieve the profile? Don’t worry. We have your back! Below are some ways through which you can surely get the account back in action. Or… let’s say recovered. 

Fundamentals of Deleting and Retrieving Facebook Account 

1: Deletion Compared with Deactivation – [Further Explained]

At times or rather mostly, we as humans forget the actions taken in anger or frustration, right? We make hasty and impulsive decisions based on the situations and scenarios of life. If you are among the list of those who tend to do that or forget things easily, then this is the best tip to retrieve a Facebook account. 

In this regard, you have to check if you have put the account on deletion process or have deactivated it. You may ask, how would I know if my account is deactivated or deleted? Well, there is a simple solution. 

Simply try to log in to your Facebook account. If you have deactivated and not put up for deleting the account, instant login will happen. Tadaa! Easy, right? But what if you find it hard to log in? It means you have deleted the account. But wait, don’t lose hope this soon. If it has been less than 30 days then you surely can get the account back. If not, then sorry, you have all the reasons to cry. In most likely conditions you will not retrieve the account. 

What happens when you deactivate a Facebook account? How it is different from deletion? 

Well, first thing first, we know we are off the topic. It is just to give you a little extra information. Zintego(Your hassle-free invoice generator). Maybe, it will help you next time before you delete or deactivate the account. 

See, deactivation calls for a number of actions. Your account is not shown upon search. It is hidden from everyone. Your timeline doesn’t exist for others anymore. But you can get it back if needed or wanted. Another interesting fact – your friends will see you in their list of Facebook friends without a profile picture. Also, messages and comments before deactivation will be there in their place. They won’t be deleted. Everything remains where you leave. You can absolutely able to retrieve the account (as soon as you log in). 

What happens when the Facebook account is not deactivated and is deleted?

The information or data is not reachable – not for friends or you! As mentioned above, Facebook takes a month (30 days) to remove the account. But it takes 90 days to complete from the server. Sadly, after 30 days you can’t access the account again. Like, ever again! However, police and other officials can request to retrieve the account for legal matters. 

2: Access Data After Deleting Facebook Profile 

If you delete the account and never bothered to retrieve it within 30 days, consider it deleted forever. But if you deactivate and then go for deletion, it is another situation. What does it mean? It means you will deactivate and then activate. Go for the deletion and then change your mind. It will work again, as in you will recover the access. In this process, certain acts will be taken from the authorities (don’t worry. Not cops. We are talking about Facebook authorities). 

Facebook will allow you to access the images and other sensitive data. That is when you have deactivated and then activated. Deleted accounts of Facebook don’t give liberty to reach anything that you once shared on your timeline. In such cases, you are bound to take help from Facebook friends. Reaching them separately, outside Facebook, and asking to share the pictures and other files with you is the best call.   

3: How to Preserve Information Before Deleting the Facebook Account? 

Preserving information (images, posts, files, etc.) every month or once in a while but regularly will save you from losing data. How can you preserve data? Well, upon requesting Facebook to delete the account, it gives an option. The option to choose the type of data you would want to download. To do that, follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • Step 1: Go to “settings”
  • Step 2: You will see “your Facebook info” 
  • Step 3: From there go to “download information”

Frequently Asked Queries Regarding Facebook Account Deletion 

We are sure, some of you are still baffled regarding retrieving deleted Facebook account. Knowing so, we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the same. If you have questions that are not covered below, reach us out at 

Why is my deleted Facebook account still reachable? 

Remember, after deleting the Facebook account you will not be visible to your friends or other people on Facebook. That’s why you will not be reachable. Also, those who search for you on Facebook will not see your profile. However, messages and comments once made on Facebook before deleting the account will remain there. Perhaps for good. 

How long does it take to get the Facebook account deleted for good? 

It takes 30 days to disappear from the Facebook search engine. However, it takes up to 90 days to completely and permanently get deleted from the Facebook server. It means, there are still some high officials and authorities who can retrieve your Facebook account within the 30 to 90 days of deletion. 

Can I reactivate my Facebook profile after 3 years? 

Yes. You can reactivate the Facebook account whenever needed. Let it be any duration – 1 year or even after a decade. All the information once posted there in the form of images, files, etc. remains on Facebook. 

In 2021, can I still deactivate Facebook? How long can I deactivate the account? 

Yes, only if and when you sign in or log in to Facebook within 30 days and cancels the account deletion. Once it passes 30 days, everything shared on the timeline or comments will be deleted permanently. 

Does a dead person’s Facebook account delete automatically? 

There is an option called “legacy contact”. This helps the legacy (person who is given the legacy to continue Facebook account) to manage or delete the account. This option was added in 2015 and had helped people. 

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