What we give should at least be equal to one-fourth of what we get!


Have you got a burning desire to help humanity? Do you want to bring change to the lives of people who are unable to make it by themselves? Are you passionate to appease the oppressed? Do you dream of running an institution for philanthropy? Helping the helpless is a great human gesture, but you have to face challenges to attract donations at a large scale from all around the world. You could fight challenges with the help of Google Ad Grants.

How does Google partner in charity?

How does it feel if you receive US $10,000 each month to speed up the wheel of your good missions? It really sounds impressive. Google does this for the nonprofits which meet the qualifying criteria set therein.

Google Ad Grants is an online advertising solution, just comparable to the Google Ads online advertising. With the help of Google Ad Grants you can do magic if you are a true nonprofit and intend to help humanity irrespective of the region, religion and race.

With Google Ad Grants, your nonprofit could do the following.

  • Catch attention of the world’s top philanthropists and charity bodies
  • Successfully and easily recruit more volunteers to expand the reach of your mission
  • Collect huge donation amounts to execute sanctimonious job of charity
  • Raise voice for the poor, needy, handicapped and deserving by sharing your story
  • Formulate, propagate and optimize ads to accomplish your nonprofit’s objectives

Get Google Ad Grants help and spread your voice all across the world.

Scope of Google Ad Grants

Including United Kingdom, the United States and most countries of Europe, Google Ad Grants are workable in more than 50 countries for more than 20 thousand nonprofit organizations. Its scope is global in nature. As describe earlier, once you get qualified for the Google for nonprofits you can post free of cost ads that promote your cause. A qualified organization gets US $10,000 per month by Google Ad Grants. This is huge chuck of amount that you are required to spend on spreading the mission within stipulated time.

Reaching the target audiences

But the question is how to use Google Ad Grants?  Though your audiences are unlimited but the constraint is that not all audiences are best fit for your cause. For this purpose, of course, you have to reach the right audiences. And this is only possible when the keywords in your Google Ad Grants are specific to your cause. So that, whenever anybody wants to search for some volunteer job related to your cause, your ads have the greatest probability to come on the top. Meta description for your ads is another important parameter that decides on the destiny of your ad.  

Specialized diction for Google Ad Grants

It must be kept in view that the words that are vague or are too broad in nature will not serve your purpose. These terminologies would fail to capture the target audiences. Google for nonprofits discourages the usage of non-specific words. Exceptions are only available in few cases. For example, in case of particular medical conditions, basic keywords and brand terms directly related to charity always support the campaign.

Single keyword policies set by Google Ad Grants

You are not allowed to use single keywords for your ads as per policies set for Google Ad Grants. However, based on some definite reasons, a few specialized words have been excluded from single-word restrictions: charity, donation, donate, NGO, NGOs, rape, pedophilia, nonprofit, nonprofits, charities, volunteering, adoption, adopt, homeless, homelessness, MOOC, Para-suicide, molester, molestation, trafficking, addiction, stigma, bullying, bully, bullied, cyber-bullying, abortion, LGBT, LGBT+, LGBTQ, LGBTI, LGBTIA, gay, bisexual, transgender, addiction, abuse, abused, abuser, lesbian, intersex, hospice, suicide.

Qualification requirements for Google Ad Grants

Your nonprofit organization must qualify Google Ad Grants requirements in order to be eligible for Google nonprofit grant.

  • First of all, you have to give an application for Google for nonprofits.
  • Ensure that your organization possesses the valid charity status. The criterion for having a charity status varies from country to country. Therefore, you have to visit the official site of Google for Non-profits and check the charity definition provided by your country.
  • Few conditions are same for all countries. The entities that relate to government corporations or organizations, medical and hospital groups, educational institutions such as formal or informal child care centers, schools, colleges, academies or universities do not fulfill the Google Ad Grants eligibility
  • A Google grants for education is only available if your organization is philanthropic arm of any educational institutions.
  • The website of your nonprofit organization (NPO) should be of high quality so that it could meet the Google Ad Grants website policy.
  • Once you are done with the above steps, you have to follow the Google Ad Grants pre-qualification process for getting enrolled in the Google for nonprofits.

Google policies for NPOs

Acquiring the qualification of the Google for nonprofits is not sufficient. Once you have secured the qualification for Google grants for nonprofits with big ideas, the next catchy part is to maintain it. For the sake of retaining the active eligibility and qualification status, there are some program policies advocated by Google Ads grants that must be understood and executed.

  • All of the ads that you post must be linked with the URL of your nonprofit organization – the one you have submitted during your prequalification process.
  • You have to use your account proactively. If you do not log in into your Google Grant Account, even for once in a month, your account will be paused without serving any prior notification.
  • Before posting advertisement, you must ensure that this ad is specifically related to mission of your nonprofit organization. Ads that do not relate to your registered cause can cost you with disqualification from Google grants.
  • Ads must not offer or ask for the credit cards, mortgages, and donations in form of property, cars, and ships.
  • Your registered website is not allowed to display ads from Google Ad Sense or any other SFI affiliates.

The extensive program policies are available on the official Google AdWords nonprofit guide. In addition, Google Ad Grants reserves the right to revise and amend the policies pertaining to eligibility. Once you get the Google ad grants training related to its qualification and retention criteria, the next step is to revise all of these details. You must be well versed with every nitty-gritties of these policies. Pay attention to the bylaws that define your limitations and authorities to use Google Ad Grants!

Optimal use of budget from Google Ad Grants

Now you have to start learning about the marketing grants for nonprofits. These grants facilitate free Google Ads advertising but only on google.com. Creating your own account on Google Ads implies that it is you who will manage your account and not any representative from the Google. But there are some limitations regarding maintaining a specific budget in your account.

  • After final review of process of pre-qualification, it will take 10 business days for activation of your account.
  • You need to perform log-in activity at least twice a month and have to introduce some changes into you Google Ad account, otherwise your account will freeze. It would mean that your noble cause has frozen.
  • The budget will be fixed at US $329 per day. It would cumulatively add to US $10,000 for a full calendar month. Maximum CPC available for your keywords is US $2.00.
  • If you do not use the money within prescribed timeframe, it will be deducted. So you always have to find a right way for spending this money for your cause. That is why you have to give special attention to contemporary marketing strategies. Never plunge into the campaigns without getting necessary Google Ad Grants training.

Attracting traffic to the website of nonprofits

Though for setting up of first campaign, Google facilities the beginners with a smart campaign, but later on, you have to rely upon your own forces. You have to generate as much traffic to your website as possible for optimized usage of grant. You can do it in many ways.

  • Employ Google ad YouTube – a special feature on YouTube available to you. You can place your ads on YouTube. There is donate button and video annotations are also available that are directly linked with your authorized website. So you can use this channel as well to generate significant traffic to your website.
  • You can operate the available plugs of Gmail and other Google apps as well.
  • Pick as much relevant and specific keywords as possible.
  • Stay competitive and up to date for attracting greater traffic.

Usefulness of Google Analytics to assess performance of your ad

While benefitting from the Google Ad Grants, you could do the following using Google Analytics.

  • Performance and level of visibility of your ads
  • Frequency and strength of specialized keywords contained in your ads
  • Strength of the ads to accumulate donations
  • Interest of the volunteers with reference to a specific ad
  • Suggestions about fabrication of right Google Ads

Summing up the whole story

For intelligent use of Google Ad Grants after successful activation of your nonprofit’s account, stay tuned to Google Analytics and other tools to track what is going on.

  • Ensure there are no single-word keywords in your ads. Set filters for prohibited words.
  • Track the Quality Score for your keywords regularly. Make sure you have added Quality Score Column to your account.
  • Each month, it is essential to retain a prescribed CTR – usually 5 per cent.
  • Your nonprofit must have two sitelinks.
  • Google accepts at least two ads per ad group and two ad groups for a peculiar campaign.
  • Never forget to respond to Google Program Surveys sent to the emails of grantees annually or from time to time during the year.